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Episode · 6 months ago

We Welcome Back Patricia Engler of AIG Canada


After a short break for Christmas we are back!

​First of all a big thank you for all those who listened in 2020 and for all the great feedback. 

​Ok, so 2021 is probably worse so far than 2020 with most churches still closed or just doing things online, suicides and depression are at epidemic proportions, financial collapse, government overspending that can only create inflationary and taxation problems for decades, massive political upheaval looking like George Orwells 1984, big tech censorship and...well I think you get the picture!!!

​We discuss practical and cost effective ways that you can keep your sanity and Spiritual life up in the “Greater Depression” we are now in. I think you will find this really adds value to your everyday life, don't miss!


We welcome back to the show Patricia Engler of Answers in Genesis Canada.

​This episode we find out a bit more about what Patricia and Answers in Genesis Canada have been up to recently and how students can be equipped to defend their faith more effectively through some great resources available.

Through the “Magic” of the internet we also did a Ukulele duet with Patricia (also playing Harmonica) and Gary Foster from episode 18 on drums.

Speaking of Canada...we mention an exercise regime created by the Canadian Airforce in the 1950s - 5BX for men and XBX for women. The exercises do not require any special equipment or space and are suitable for all abilities.  You can Download XBX (women) HERE and 5BX (men) HERE.

Theatre of the Mind

Ethan tries to prove the blind really can lead the blind!

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