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Weather Warning?


Topics Covered in Episode 31 include

What's in the small print of the contracts our Governments have signed up to with the Pharmaceutical Companies?

Andrew Torba, CEO of, and the desperate need to create a Parallel Society.

Who and what is the New World Order and what companies support it? Who founded it and how is it operating now?

Being a Conspiracy Realist not a just a Conspiracy Theorist, who created the derogatory term?

Ecocide - Are you a war criminal against mother nature? Mark Morano of CFACT's Morano Minute.

Greek Orthodox Priest Truth Bombs Church and Government Leaders for Covid Lockdowns, Tyranny and Church capitulation

How Dr. Remo Lebo warned us 12 years ago about the "Culling of The Useless Eaters".

Interview with Adam Houser

Adam Houser serves as the National Director of Collegians for CFACT, where he directs efforts to organize and educate college students on the facts regarding climate change, energy, and the environment. Adam also writes articles for CFACT and has been published in Real Clear Energy and the Federalist. He has testified to the Department of the Interior on energy development in ANWR, and produced investigative journalism videos for CFACT exposing hypocrisy at UN climate conferences in Poland and Spain, as well as many climate protests and marches. He lives with his wife in Northern Virginia.

We dicuss:​

Why is the need to reduce our carbon footprint fallicious?

Now in the news are the Deadly floods in Germany and Belgium which will be discussed at COP 26 in Glasgow. Not surprisingly, government officials again blamed "fossil fuels", greenhouse gases and manmade climate change for the calamities, are we seeing conclusive proof of climate change or is there another answer?

Electric Vehicles are a hot topic at the moment, can you explain the problems involved in shutting down nuclear and coal, moving to so called renewables and then trying to get everyone to switch their vehicle to electric?

There is a war going on against meat and dairy farming and they want everyone to be vegan or eats insects, why should we be worried?

How efficient in terms of both cost and performance are so called renewable technologies versus Coal and Nuclear?

Is it true that nearly all renewables are made in either Germany or China?

Did Climate change really cause the Florida Condo to collapse?

What is WOTUS and why is it bad news?

Can you save the planet through Taxation as our governments want to do and are doing?

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If what I've just seen- and I willshare the news report- but it's gone some way to explaining why ourgovernments seem terrorized and under some kind oftyranny with regard to the way they're behaving during this pandemic.Apparently it's these appalling FIS e contracts, which state very clearlythat unless you roll it out to, as many people are specified in exactly the manare specified, then this water type contract means that fizer, a corporatepharmaceutical company can sees the sovereign assets of a nation, includingfunds. That's our tax dollars and get this military bases. Excuse me, whywould a corporate farmer company like fise be wanting to seize military bases?This is profiteering by the way from a pandemic, and it's totally illegal.Doesn't it sound like fizer is possibly owned by China? I probably battle depends with theBible a Peter to Belize, upon it depend our own brief life andthe long from the New York are instituting and an and if we fail in the whole world,including the united to including all that we have known in CA, were thinkingto the abits of a new dark and made more Tinian. We have more protective alie of the welcome to to Revival Radio episode,thirty one, the show that tries liberals not upsets pastors and majorinternational ministries, because we speak the truth. Now. Speaking of thetruth, the Andrew Torbet of Gab wrote a very important article if you're notfamiliar with Gab, that's a major social network, and he says this. Hesays we must do everything we can right now to Peacey, protect our freedom bybuilding a parallel society. It's battling to mehow people do not recognize the urgency of the situation we are in. We havelost so much over the past eighteen months and will never get it back lestwe start taking the stand right now. This second, this means putting in thework he says you may need to find a new job and just a side note from that. Ifyou are in a job, that's proper up the new world or the World Economic Forum,then we need to look for alternative work. You may need to move. You mayneed to pull your children out of school. You may need to find a newdoctor, a new church, a new everything you may even have to show up at yourlocal city, council and scorebars to let them have a piece of your mind. Itgoes on to say what does a parallel society look like. It looks like homeschooling, your kids turning off the television and, if you're, stillwatching, BBC modern BBC, that is an I tv, mainstream media. I recommend youto turn off that TV delete your facebook account. Read Your Bible spendmore time with your kids moving to a better air in near people who shareyour values, getting involved in local INSERTIVE, national politics, finding achurch that isn't woke hello, people, supportive businesses who support yourvalues yeah if you're buying stuff. That's made in China again by worldeconomic form and new old. All the companies don't buy it, try and buyelsewhere. Now, sometimes, it's not always possible, but if you can buyelsewhere, consuming content from people who share your values andradically removing each and every last corrosive system of control and fear ofthe Global Homo Society from Your Life, it won't be easy, nothing worth whileis, but it can and it and it's being done by so many people in your exactposition. Let me ask you something: What is yourfreedom worth to you to me? It is worth everything the free even to worship inmy church, without permission from the state, the freedom to work withoutbeing forced to inject myself with a substance. I do not want, in my bodythe freedom to have a political opinion on the Internet without being bannedfrom banks of social networks. The freedom for my children to learnwithout having a disgusting unhealthy dirty mask over their face, there's foreight hours a day and being told her a evil for their skin color. Are thesefreedoms worth making effort to preserve from protect absolutely ifthey are to you you'd better start acting like it, because no one iscoming to save you, not politicians, dot. Presidents, only Jesus Christsaves, and God alone helps those who help themselves diligent hands willrule what laziness ends in four slavery:...

Proverbs: Twelve, twenty four diligenthands El Rule, but laziness ends in forced slaver. We are faced with thechoice as we under go one of the most radical power place in human history bythe global. Let we can shut up put on the mask, take the four pus andcounting vaccines and be treated like cattle, or you can peacefully takeaction by exiting their entire system, affording our own path forward in aparil economy, a parallel Internet and a parallel society to God, but theglory Andrew Tobaco Abom only Jesus saves time is running out since two thousandand twenty the world is hurting downhill at an accelerated pace withlittle resistance, civilization is starting to break down as a directconsequence of decades of rejecting Christian values. Our governance cannot be trusted. Most media cannot be trusted. What do you do? Where do you go? Who can you believe? How can you prepare for what's coming talk revival? Radio was founded to helpaddress those issues and combat the information and spiritual war thatranges of your mind and soul. We provide solid Bible Teaching Newsand views and crant issues from a Christian perspective, preparedness andself defense advice to enable you not to be ignorant of this schemes of thedevil and give you the Intel you need to combat his lies to help us do this, if you would justspare whatever you can afford, even is just a price of a cup of coffee. Ithelps us to continue to do what we do. Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia on Gabol and want American news networks three to forty five, it's timeto go on a mission to intersect the line. Now one question that people often askyou is we talk a lot about the new world order, but who exactly is the newworld order? Now this is something recorded a while back that thoughtwould be worth playing for you there's. Obviously the obvious peoplein the new world order, there's like Klau Schwab. There's Bono, there'speople like that, but if you break it down the new world order is much biggerthan that. In fact, on this recording I neglected to mention the Britishpilgrims and the jesuits in detail, but they're also involved. So let's justhave a listen to this segment, which he field I little bit more explain who thenew world order are and what can understand by the term new world order. So who are the new world order? What wemean when we talk about the new world order will, for the first time inAmerican history, George Herbert Walker Bush, who was president of the UnitedStates at the time he called for New World Order, the Code Fraser One willgovernment. He said we stand a unique and extraordinary moment this crisis inthe Persian Gulf as grave as it is also offers a rare opportunity to movetowards an Estoril period of corporation out of these troubled times.Our objective and new world order can emerge. A hundred generations havesearched the saluce past topice, while a thousand walls raised across the spanof human endeavor to day that new world order is struggling to be born a worldquite different from the one that we've known, okay, so you've obviously gotyour obvious new world order, people that will discuss it in a minute, butwe will talk about how knew what order came to be and can goback or a really really long time, but a guy called doctor, Adam Vichau, whowas the professor of Canon Law and Bavaria. He was an apostle of Luciferwas born in Jewy comfortith, which he abandoned. He became a juste priestleft that got involved in free masonry in witchcraft and he later founded thesect called the luminary on May the first, seventeen seventy six and his goal was to hide the site ofwitchcraft behind philanthropy. We will think of these foundations, of course,that people have to destroy Christianity and set up a one worldsgovernment, and... that's how really it started. Ofcourse, we could go back before that to the Jesuits and Ignatius Deloyale, and we also see that the Illuminat issymbol is that of a triangle, and we see that again in these vaccine is called black triangle:medicines, Israel, a is that significant? Possibly so we don't know,but anyway, the counselor for relations. It became a powerful force in theUnited States, with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act when the directionof Colonel Mandaus House, who was President Wilson's, alter ego. Now theFederal Reserve Act it set of America Central Bank, it went to e thousandnine hundred and thirteen full establish one thousand nine hundred andtwenty two is a privately owned organization, which makes America'sforeign policy and it's controlled by super mega banker. The rockefellersDavid Rockefellers, the Rossshire in London, deeply involved in that. Sosome K, members of the council on from relations, would be Henry Kissingerformer secof state under Richard Nixon, the late George Bush. It was a thirtythree degree: Mason David Rockefeller, grosper, ro, Jesse Jackson, JimmyCarter, Bill Clinton, you Greek, R, new Green Newt, Gingrich and Gerald Ford and the whole pound highest Atlans ofgovernment. The priorities to establish a one, more government on the secretcode of a new world order, and there's also the trilateral commissionwhich was established in one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy three by DavidRockefeller has an extension of the CF and again the whole massive massivepower, there's also the school on Bones club or society at Yale University thateach year, fifteen graduates had chosen inducted into the society the line ofcoffin, drink good from a hem of skill, skoll surrounded by Nazi Sostak, whichis the eternal sign of the Babylonian, some God, as also the builder Burgers,which is almost the fourth rake of the Super Richer powerful group of ahundred men and women in Europe and the United States, again interlock with thecar for some of the members of Henry Kissin Jerk, or were Robert mcnemarGerald Ford, David Rockefeller Again, the intrigant chief of the WashingtonPost. No surprise and again. These are the people thatcontrol all the oil in the eastern world they set. The gold standard inthe world is deeply involved in Lucifer and doctrinist of a luminary freemasonry. Her Coal Remember Him Anne, sadly Prince Charles of Great BritainGerald Ford and people I have been, or our members of the Bilderbergers Bill. Clinton, of course was run whichgreen by the new world order it elite. I won the road to scholarship, which isan established university, and the idea is to train men, young men in Englandand America to become outstanding leaders in the coming new world order. I'll go again. Another non, no surprise.Member here and also the road scholarship was talking about a TolaOxford University. It was established by a cessile roads as a part of hisplan for world domination. He settled the scholarship to train young men, theintellectual cream of Amacura Britain, and indoctrinate them in to be into theleaders of the new world order, and then, of course, this Chattin House andthe Will Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab and obvious supporters of that.You see pictures of Bill Clinton and braccoe Bo, no, no surprise all supporting that organization. But, interestingly, is the companiesbehind the world economic form, a partners with or supporting the WorldEconomic Forum? And let's go through who some of these are some of thesethat you will know, there's a but labordas the pharmaceutical company,the African Bank Development Bank Group, Adobe Systems, no surprise a go.America, no surprise air bus, Amazon, absolutely no surprise. American HeartAssociation, Anglo American Apollo Hospitals, enterprise, apple, no,surprise, AstraZeneca! Well, that wasn't surprise as a d M health care,ortodesk, a vast software, no surprise... BA systems, the Bank of AmericaBarkleys, no surprise, Bas f, absolutely no surprise bear absolutelyno surprise the bill in Melinda Gates, foundation, HMM, no, surprise,Bloomberg, no surprise. Bowing! We've got carser group Chevron. We've got theChina Bowl High Bank, the China Construction Bank, the Chine EnergyInvestment, China and pronounces critic, and an group Co, limited China,Merchants Group, China, railway group, China, southern Paragragh Na Union PayCommercial League, Healthcare and Insurance Group Credit Swiss we've got dairy management, Dan Foss, no surprise,Dasso systems, Del Technologies, Doisy Bank Development, Bank of Japan,Develope Mancos, Southern Africa, Eco, petrol elite education group, EMERI'sgroup, Eric Son European Bank for reconstruction development, facebook,no surprise for away pharmaceutical fo, Jitsu,Fullerton Health, Gemi, COR recycling, genito health, Goldman Sachs, a Google,no is surprised, Gougenheim partners, golf into National Bank Gulf Stream,aerospace, Hackin, Sackman, health, Hinako, Hewlett, Packard, Hickmans,guitars, Honda, Honeywell, HSBC, no surprise way or whyever ey pronounce ittechnology is absolutely no surprise. He and I I B M illumine IndigoAgriculture, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, intermontane health care,the Islamic deal, Atman Bank, no surprise, Jacobs, Jeffson, health,Johnson, Johnson, another fight of macutian Vaccine Company, no surprise,J, p, Morgan and chase company you've got Kuwaiti. Danish, dairy L, G,Kem link, tin, no surprise, Loy's banking grew absolutely no surpriseManchester. United. That was a surprise Mary K, Master Card, the Maoli, nosurprise, Microsoft, no surprise. Mr Bishe Madona o another vaccine complywhat a surprise: Morgan Stanley, mort MC Donald Mozilla, no surprise, Nasdaq,Nat, west, surprise and B C Nestle New York Times, Neilson Nokia and Novartisof the Health Care Company and Wise Se Old Mutual Ontario teachers, pensionplan. That is a surprise, but oh joy, Saras, open society, foundations, nosurprise a super American pharmaceutical papal,no surprise. Pepsi, Co, Fizer, another one vaccine, company, propter andgamble providential the Public Institution for Social Security, PCCULTI, the element bank, Ralph Loren, runs tard Royal Bank of Canada, renewpower, rockwell automation, Roto, pharmaceutical royal, Dutch, Shell. Ifwe go back to renew power- and if you just did the research and a lot ofthese companies, you see that there is a link, because if you look at renewpower, for example, the and the road scholarship were talkingabout earlier- is that varuses went to Saint John's on the road scholarship intwo thousand and eleven is the C to of a new power author of team of the soninnovations to harness solar energy and power the planet. So you can see that alot of these companies, it all all the ends tied up together anyway. WeContinue S. let's continue a little bit more and look at some of the companieswork to the up to the ars sales force, Schneider, electric C Ceremon Statute, Ceremon Tu to Canada,seamen's seemers health in years, Sony, Stanley, blank, an decker son,pharmaceutic, cours agent, Takith Pharmaceutic, Call Tedo, hell, Tetrapak,the Coca Cola compny, the Lego, rang group, Thermoi, scientific Toyota,Unilever, ps horizon visa, Volkswagen, Volvo, Voyager Space Holdings, Walmart,no surprise Western Union will quant no surprise Yarho, William C of the USA.Strange Zoom, no surprise a Zurich Insurance Group, apparently in two thousand and eleven, the pricefor ticket to the World Economic Forum was nineteen thousand dollars andmembership starts at about fifty two thousand dollars understand. Now it's it's basically between fifty threethousand five hundred and thirty...

...thousand dollars, and your not tellingme these companies are putting that amount of money in the World EconomicForum unless they're getting something back. So the new world order is big. The new world order is very,very, very powerful. The Chinese Biological Laboratory inWuhan is owned by Glaxo Smith Client, which owns fizer the one who makes theinjection against the virus, which was started in the Biological Laboratory inWuhan, which was founded by Doctor FAUCI. The one who promotes theinjection on the world stage, Blake Smith client, is managed by the FinanceDivision of Black Rock, which manages the finances of the Open FoundationGroup. The sorrows foundation which manages the French Axi Group sorrowsowns the German company Winter Thor, which built a Chinese laboratory inWuhan and was bought by the German aliance, which, coincidentally, has vanguard as a shareholder. Who is a shareholder itself of Black Rock, whichcontrols the central banks and manages a third of global investment capital?Black rock is also, coincidentally, the major shareholder of Mocoso t owned boy.The eugenicist himself Bill Gates, who, coincidentally, is the shareholder ofBoyo and tick and Poyser, which remember selves a miracle injection andcoincidently was the fort sponsor of the world held organization of theUnited Nations. Now that should help you understand more about hell, WI, adead bat sold at a wet market in Wilham has apparently infected the entireplanet. I will leave it at that and in case anybody thinks a time, aconspiracy theorist in mentioning all those companies that Roy remind youthat I was reading that of the world economic forums own website. That iswhere the list came from. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I have toremember this- was a term made up by the CIA in the is to try and drawattention away from the President Kennedy shooting. I am a conspiracy.Realist now changing subjects somewhat. We'vecome to a new feature, called the Morano minute done by s fact and we'llbe speaking with a member of Sefat a little bit later on. Well, this is theMorano minute and it's great tickles. Do you drive an SUV eat red meat failto recycle? Then you could be prosecuted for the crime of ECO sidestay tuned from Washington DC. It's the Morano! Iwith your host Mark Brana climate activists are on a new vendor. Now theywant to try companies and individuals for the environmental crime of ECO side.They want to make eco site or widespread destruction of theenvironment and international crime. It seems green actores aren't content withcharging you with normal environmental violations. Now they want to charge youwith war time like charges. If you don't obey them, it's like genocide.It's and Ecod the earth is a need of a good lawyer before the earth goes andlowers up. Ask Yourself one question: Are you a war criminal against motherEarth itself, or is this just another financial shake down? We all know theanswer to that question for more information visit Finem here at Tor Revival. Radio we've beenmuch criticized by pastors and major international ministries by as stand on,Cobi Nineteen, where we've basically said that churches should notcapitulate to government tyranny and so called government guidelines, and wemake no apology for that whatsoever. In fact, we say shame once again. We say:Shame on pastors that have capitulated to this and here's the Greek octopriest from Australia who says it better than I ever could. If you thinkyou are a Christian politician and you know very well, what ishappening is nothing but deliberate evil action by the secret societies.Yet you are going ahead with it and you areengorging it and you are implementing it and you are forcing it. You arebringing more force police force army to make sure that these areas...

...adhere to the lockdowns. Then you are atraitor and you are Judas. I scary because you've sold your master, Jesus,you've sold him, and if you think that in the positionthat you are occupying, you cannot do anything because there are so muchforce. That is forcing you to do what you need to do and you look around andyou say I can't change nothing. I can't stop nothing. I will accept that youare a true Christian. If you resign from that position, the day that comes a human being enslaves, another human being for hisown personal, selfish intentions and benefits that day is does not exist inthe eyes of the Almighty Gard does not exist. Sell Fish leaders, selfishgeneration, sell fish twenty first century selfish. You will destroyyourself by yourself. What does it benefit? A man if he gainsthe whole world, yet at the end loses himself who so what your prime minister,so what you're president? So what you're a King? So what you're a churchleader stop enslaving people and enough lie enough lugones. This is slavery and enough so called Corona. It can betreated quiet easily with proven medications. Let Bill Gates jumphimself with it. Let George Sorrows Jug themselves witha enough stupidity, enough. Shame on such generation. Shame. Is there still conscience living inpeople? Is there? Is there somebody that has a conscienceor of you all killed it? I want the prime minister and and thepremier of New South Wells to hear this. This is a message to both of you. There are families calling me so stressed so sad they are concerned, but theyhave no choice because their employer says if you do not get the job. Youcannot go back to your work. You will lose your job, they are afraid oflosing their job, because this is the only way to make their family live andsurvive. Are you heartless? Are you human? So they are? They don't want to takethe job, but they have no choice. If they don't take it, the player will sechim. Listen if any human being wishes totake that job, so be it, but do not force it on people. Governments were put on Earth by God.Jesus Christ, in order to protect and preserve my rights, not to impose evil actions against me and the name of we are concerned about your safety.Listen, don't be I'm happy the way I am. Can you please leave me alone, go andlive your life and let me live my life. The Way Jesus wants me to live. It stop forcing people to take vaccinationbecause of safety measures get a life. Is there any one among you to be a manto stand up and speak the truth, even if it takes them to be kicked out? Is there are you all cowards? Has Money? Blinded you, I feel sorry for you. I honestly do. This is a message to the Australian government. This is amessage to every church leader who unto you. When you choose to be theolder brother of the younger one who anti you, here's a young guydisfigured out. What's going off, take a listen! There's, a lot, obviouslyaware of the ad of this vaccine reactions. Not everyone is so you don'twant to take the vaccine, what pressure of you have from friends or family?What are you because your particular age group have been targeted lately interms of night clubs, universities going on Olidayso, my aunt, I works foOsteen CA, who still the pressure from... some well. Some of my family isquite great together acting here, they're, quite they're like. Whyhaven't you taken the back team? Why haven't you taken? The vaccine isselfish. My cousins, even cat, while my cousin from Cambridge, is even comeover it not getting the vaccine, you know, but I've, no I've lost of friends over itas well. There are some friends, though, whoever what I want take to act, nomatter what and that's because they've seen on the Steno people, I've gotfriends who are very ill and haven't been, haven't been well since the day theytook it and never regretted it, but I've also got friends who are like.Well, if you don't take the vaccine you're going to be killing other peoplewhere some, if you can still get it when you've got the vaccine, how am Ikilling other people? It doesn't prevent transmission. You can stop passit on. You can still get it. So how am I killing other people not being self,which is my body, my choice? What's the world looking like for you, because youknow for the the younger generations, if this vaccine passports a taken up bythe majority, what do you think the wills gun look like in a year in a year? I have no idea, it's. Youknow it's Strait, thine N, one thousand nine hundred and it for a were you knowwe, the idea that we're gonna have to getour phones, and you know yea for passes short papers in the streets or if youwant to go into a pub it's it's funny. It's honestly funny that people don'tsee where this is going where this is going to. We have you know it's aboutcontrol. You know if the guy, if you allow the governmentto break the law and to violate your rights because of an emergency, what'sstopping them from creating emergency to break the lot now you may rememberme talking about operation a lock step a while ago that was planned about tentwelve years ago. Well, here's Alex Janus with some information again fromtwelve years ago that this very nicely suddenly, with awls going off bout, seefootage from twelve years ago that aired on national television to recordratings for the channel. That was then taken off line and completely censored. The network even went into people'sdvrs and had it raced off of their own personal servers. Congress talked aboutholding hearings concerning the very episode you are about to see. LETTIESand gentlemen. The reason the establishment got so scared was thatdoctor. Rima Lebo is a top medical doctor and she was also the life ofGeneral Stubblebine, the former head of US special forces in the army, whotreated heads of states of major governments and royalty in Europe, and they told her as their medicaldoctor the plan to depopulate in the Great Colin, with the to the UN, doingit through the vaccines, how they would claim there wasn't enough vaccines, sothey would in add dangerous chemicals to them to make them more powerful,which is what they've all done now. So here is the censored report we're goingto post the full show at band dot video, but here is four minutes and fifteenseconds of myself and Dr Lebo, laying it all out twelve years ago. How couldwe do that? We didn't just make this up and it magically all happened. The waywe said no, she had the sources, and I had also deMajor Research on government documents like State Department memorandum, twohundred for Henry Kissinger that also laid out plans for depopulation. Sohere is the video that has the global is so scared because it exposed thegreat reset eleven plus years before they launched it. There's an entireagenda: A foot to force the population to undergo different type of medicaltreatments, namely vaccines were seeing a medical tyranny being set up not as athing United States but world wide under the UN and the World HealthOrganization WHO's. Behind all this, the builder bur group. They want aplanetary dictatorship, so they can carry out their forty population agendaand they want to do it through the medical system and that's why vaccinesare so important. We know that many of these vaccines turn out to have seriousadverse reactions at this is being done by design. They kill you slowly overtime. That's why they're called soft kill and I've got an insider. I thinkyou should really talk to Dr Rema Labo, but she doesn't live inside the UnitedStates because she's so concerned about all the police state developments thatare taking place as soon as you- and I finish, you're right, I'm leaving thecountry again. Why? Because in a very short time, not to day not to morrowbut very soon will be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term ofvoluntary vaccination. Well, first of all, let's start with the fact that theWorld Health Organization has decided that we have ninety percent to manypeople. The World Health Organization...

...has been working since nineteen.Seventy four on vaccines to create permanent sterility. This process hasalready been ongoing to make matters worse. We know that the vaccines thatwere illegally approved by the FA contain a substance called squalingsqualine and were got a compound used in vaccines to stimulate the immunesystem and increase the responds. If I inject you with squaling, your immunesystem will attack the squaling, but then it starts attacking all of theparts of your body. What does that look like when you meet a person to whomthat is happening? It looks like golf worse and Rot. It looks like everyjoint in the body swollen and intolerably, painful and immobilized.This is in these shots, they're going to give us on some of them, but the USgovernment has a trick up their sleep. They will inducin enic using the nasalmist back seen, which is a live attenuated virus. That means that, if Itake it, I can infect you you're going to get the flue everybody around us isgoing to get the flu. Then the United States government, based on theirstatements that they've already made will say. Oh My, we have a pandemic. Ohmy goodness, we don't have enough dotes. So we'll add next squalling at theninety thousand injections stations that the Department of Health and HumanServices announce that they will ship the vaccines to people lining up, sometimes by thehundreds for an E. U and one flu shot. What that means is a Holocaust, agenocidal COLICO, then woman will sicken and die andthose who survive will be infernal. Let me tell you a story in two thousand andthree I had a patient in my drug free medical practice who was ahead of state and one day shesaid you know it's almost time for the great culling to begin. That's what I said the what she said.The great culling see you L, L, I N G, when you then the herd. I said what areyou talking about? She said it's almost time for the useless eaters to be coldand she said those are the people who are consuming our non renewable naturalresources. I said who are the people who make it is? Isn't she said we theAristocrate? Well, we cut now to interview with Adam houser of SFACT.Now Adam serves as a national director of Collegians for sea fact, where hedirects efforts to organize and educate college students on the facts regardingclimate change, energy and the environment. Adam also writes articlesfor sea fact. It has been published in real, clear energy and also thefederalist. He is testified at the depart to the Department of theInterior on Elergy development of the an R and produced investigative, Julesand videos for sea fact, exposing hypocrisy at the United Nations climateconferences in Poland and Spain, as well as many climate protests andmarches. He lives with his wife in northern Virginia. So, let's welcome tothe show Adam. How was it it's great to be here? Jonathan thanks for having meyeah. I really appreciate you, you take in term and coming on so Adam for thosewho don't know anything about sea fact when was it created who, by and what isthe goal of the of the organization? Absolutely as well. SFACT is an acronym.It stands for the Committee for a construction tomorrow and we werefounded in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five by our founders, DavidRothbard and Craig Rucker and Craig Racer currently serves as our presidentand SFACT was founded with the intention of having a moral ternatevoice on energy and environmental issues. Even back in the S, theenvironmental issues was kind of dominated from a more left wing.Liberal, you know perspective. You know we need the big governmentkind of doing everything that humans are. You know a guaranteed evil on theplanet and so cragin and David. They wanted to challenge that idea and talkabout how humans can actually be a benefit to the planet and talk aboutsome issues on these things from a different perspective. So that's whatZefas all about okay get Excellentso. He olio there'sprobably a lot of things you can be...

...doing right now, but how did you callto be involved with sfact sure, so I went to school at Lafayette. College inPennsylvania see fact were based in Washington DC, but we have aninternational presence, and so I came in to be involved with C facts when Istarted getting more involved in the kind of government and political realm.I worked for a state Senator in New Jersey for a fewyears and then, when I moved down to the DC area, I found s fact and gotinvolved. Basically, you know I've always lovedthe environment of love. You know animals and our national parks andeverything like that. But you know I was always raised under the kind ofChristian perspective that, yes, we need to be stewards of the earth, but you know the earth is not to beworshipped. The Earth is creation, and you know humans are supposed to fillthe earth and be good stewards and not you know, serve the earth in a way, andso, in fact, while it's not a you know Christian organization, we operateunder many, you know Christian ideals, I think, and so more I learned about cFAC, the more I you know, fell in love with it, and so I've been involved withFa. Now for six years I direct our collegians outreach program or wetalked about these issues to college students, and I also do a lot of otherthings in regards to writing articles. Doing video production, whatever seafact needs a kind of pitch in to help a. Why Adam? Do you think the need toreduce Sir Color for print? Why is this a faulty felicius argument? Would yousay a look show yeah, so I would say that the reasonthat the carbon for print idea is Felicius is because humans emit carbon.You know by just existing. You know so. They'll say that you know if you'regoing to crowd it auditorium or crowded gymnasium or something the parts per million of Carmen Dioxidein the air is going to be. You know vastly more than the part amillion inthe atmosphere that the climate change activists are telling us. We need to bealarmed by you know it's going to be upwards of you know one or two thousandparts per million kind of in that room and they're, saying the atmosphere orsomething you know upwards of four hundred parts for a million orsomething that's going to cause a catasto. That's the first part. Youknow if you just want to have a basic understanding, but also the second partis that carbon dioxide is necessary. If Aroriana, I mean it's plant food, andso you know you see that in the geologic history of the Earth men Co togoes up, a plant life begins to explode and many scientists that we worked withsay that we're kind of in a CO to famine. Actually, when you look at thegeologic history of the earth- and so this idea that we need to reduce ourcarbon footprint, we see it mainly as just a means to gain more control overindividual liberty and to advance the kind of policies of the big governmentleftist and becoming more dependent on government and reducing religiousfreedom, reducing economic freedom because all of you, you know makingthose little sacrifices. I believe in doing the right thing. You know whethersomebody's watching or not, but when you look at the statistic, wise all ofus recycling, that little thing there or you know cutting down electricityuse five minutes here in terms of having an impact on thetemperature of the Earth and the sea to on the earth. It is not going to haveone impact at all, but what it does it is. It gives more control of thegovernment over your daily life, which is exactly what's one environmentalistone as to totally agree with that and the deadly flop in Germany and Belgiumvery much in the news or were recently anyway, and we're going to be discussedto this cop cop twenty six in in Glasgow, not surprisingly the govmentofficials. Again I be o fossil fuels, green, a cases man made climate change,a allthe other. The climat is, you know, always seeing conclusive proof ofclimate change, or is there another answerer? I'm sure you've probably gota better answer than the ejus climb change. Sure I mean I'll start off by sayingthat you know, of course, the climate changes I mean. Yes, you know. No onedenies that the climate can change. It's the most, probably the mostcomplex. You know scientific system. You know we can identify with all thedifferent factors that play into cloud cover and weather, and everything likethat. So I'm sure there's going to be periodsof time in the future, but there's going to be more floods and less floods,and it's been that way in the past and the climate activist, and even ourmedia today, unfortunately have really begun to abandon any sense ofjournalistic integrity. Looking into the facts, the details of claimss,because they don't want to be left...

...behind on maybe clicks because it's ascary headline or they don't want to be vilified by government officials, andso when someone starts screaming climate change and it's all our fault,they just all jump on the band wagon and they ignore the fact that Europehas had many worse. Floods were just as bad floods and centuries. Past researcher, Jo Ann Nova Out ofAustralia, wrote some great articles for us on our website. Talking abouthow Germany and the Netherlands in particular had terrible Christmasfloods in the seven so that killed. You know uprase of fourteen thousand people,and you know that clearly was not due to use of fossil F. You know at thattime. Yeah before the industrial revolution, there are terrible floodsin the eighteen, hundreds, terrible floods in you know the early nineteenhundreds and so to think that you know these floods as tragic as they are aredue to you, know: You're driving, your suv or using a gas stove, or somethinglike that is, I think, just a lot of a lot of Hubris and a lot of you knowridiculousness and also it ignores the fact that we have. You know warning systems nowand we've got very accurate weather reporting that predicted almost exactlywhere these heavy rains were going to come. You know in Europe and theofficials really kind of ignored, ignored it and did not issue anyevacuation warnings and really didn't do anything about it, and so they don'tdo anything to protect their people about the floods and they blame. Youknow it on climate change and fossil fuel you. So it's really, I think, justyour responsible yeah, an electric vehicles, a hot topic at the moment youknow, can you explain to people who listen to the show? Be My own stand.You know the problems involved in shutting down Eucerin coal. They movein to so called renewables, and then everyone, you know trying to geteveryone, then to switch the vehicle to electric. You know at what problems doyou think involved in that es a lot o? It's a good question when I was doingsome kind of canvassing some pulling out and some colleges and universities inColorado in the United States. We I was talking to one student. We were askingthem, you know. Do you support the idea of clean coal or not? And you know this is a few years ago andthat that Gal term has become a little old but the student kind of laughed andsaid? Oh absolutely not, you know, I drive an electric car which totallyignores where that electricity comes from yeah, so you know there's justkind of an literacy when it comes to the grid and electric power and whatthat means, and so you can see it when I don't know if you heard about kind ofthe terrible blackouts we had during the frost in Texas back in February.Yes, it is yeah, you think of Texas, you don't really think of ice stormsand things, but it does get cold and basically, Texas has a much greatershare of solar and wind than the rest of the United States. The United Statesgenerally has about three to five percent of our power that comes fromsolar and wind. Texas has upwards of a quarter of its power coming from solarand wind, and so when the those record colds came in, it really froze a lot of wind turbinesthat covered snow panels, solar panels and snow, and you saw the electric generation fromsolar and wind plummet, and so that really threw the whole grit into chaos.Now you know some left. This Democrats have tried to place blame on otherthings, but it's hard to ignore. You know the numbers when you look at thethe facts of the power generation, what happened, and so when you begin tooverload a grid with solar and wind, you are going to just have a lessreliable, grin, especially when it comes to winter months, when the winddoesn't blow as much and the Si sun doesn't shine as much and now, if youare trying to have everyone rely on electric cars, that's going to put moreof a burden on the grid, so you are doing two things to make the grid worseat the same time, which is adding solar and wind and adding more burden on thegrid that needs electricity and electric cars, and it's alreadyresulting in some pretty bad blackouts and things in California, Texas,Australia, a we're not just seen a war going on ingain his petrol, gasoline, Harald vehicles, but there's also a war goingon against meat and dairy forming. You know we want to run to be league or eatinsects. You know what. Why should we be worried about the war? That's goingon against meat and dairy form as well? You think of them yeah. I mean worried about that,because there are some very powerfulinstitution and people who you know are...

...trying to push this and there's severalthings going on. I mean you have some powerful folks like Al Gore and otherswho have a strong financial interest in like meat replacement firms, so theymake these big investments in companies like you know that are pushing you know vegetarian, burgers and stufflike that, and then they're also pushing the United Nations andgovernments to encourage people to not eat me and even ban me at times, whichI think is a very you know kind of corrupt way of going about it. Sothat's the first thing. The second thing is that you know you have a lotof ranches farmers live stock, a peopleraise live stock, who are going to face a lot of increased costs and regulationon their businesses in order to reduce the supply of meat and make it moreexpensive. So, even if you'd never vote for you know a ban on me, they're goingto try to make it more expensive so that it slowly becomes harder andharder to find and fit into your budget to eat. It might sound crazy, but Imean if you read some of these UN reports, like you said you know,they're literally advocating for eating insects and things like that, becausethey claim that agriculture live stock or livestock. Agriculture is thebiggest you know, burden on water and the planet, and everything like that.They want everybody living in cities, away from nature, raising their ownlittle Utopian Gardens. You know on the balcony or something not eating me. This is kind of the radicalenvironmentalist crazy plan for the future, and they talk about it in theseUN reports and I just kind of try to shove it under the rug and the mediareports, but it's very real yeah yeah and renewable technologies.You know how efficient ally, in terms of both cost of performance versus coolin nuclear. Is it true that you? Basically, you know that Colin Nucasare for subside subsidizing renewable technologies because they're justreally not that efficient at all yeah. In a way like I said before, the United Statesstill only gets about three to five percent of its power from solar andwind and the way that you'll see certain articles or reports try to hide.That is they'll, say: Oh, you know renewable powers providing now close tolike a quarter of power for the United States, but you know- and you justthink- oh renewable, solar and wind, but no renewable also includes hydrobiofuels. Things like that you know burning wood, and so then you look intothe nitty gritty details. You're like Oh, the vast majority of that is reallyhydropower and biofuels. It's not really. You know some geothermal,because not really solar and win solerent has increased over the years.But when you look at the amount of government subsidies that has gone intosolar am win. The fact that it's still only providing three to five percent isreally an embarrassment, and it clearly shows that the technologies are notquite ready yet to provide power for a hundred percent of the grip. And sothis idea- and that's not to say that's all o wind might you know never reachthat they could. If we have more breakthroughs and battery storage powerand things like that. But basically environmentalists- and you know theleft are several decades ahead of themselves, if not centuries, ahead ofthemselves. Yeah of pushing this, and it's really going to lead to a lot ofpain. You know, especially on the least fortunate on seniors, who struggle toheat the home and cool the home in the summer, and so really when you seethose reports that solar, wind or even cheaper than coal and all this stuff,it doesn't take into account the intermittency problem on the grin, thesubsidies that go into it, you're paying for it in other ways like taxesand higher costs on goods and services, and they hide that in those reportsbecause they've got an Agenden so is, is Colin Necar should be made moreexpensive because of renewables. Would you say other, I would say, maybe directly. Theproblem is that, especially here in the United States, we've had sort of a war on call fromthe bomb administration. Putting all these regulations in place. We've had alot of improvements on admissions on scrubbers from smoke stacks that hasmade these things much cleaner and easier to deal with, but even that wasnot good enough for the ABOM administration and so they've reallydriven you know, call out of business, I mean West Virginia is especially hasbeen devastated. It was a big cool country. You know workers are out ofout of there a big time nuclear. The problem again is regulation of cause, Ithink upwards, around a billion dollars with a beak to actually get you know. NIn nuclear facility started in terms of...

...the legal requirements and gettingthrough all the regulations jumping through those hoops now nuclear sounds scary from likeheadlines of Fukushima and other things like that, but I compare it to plantravel versus car travel. Plane Travel seems scary because you hear a fewscary stories of plane crashes, but, statistically speaking, it's still muchsafer to fly than it is to drive, and the same goes with nuclear power toanything else. Really. Nuclear power is the most reliable, efficient,productive. You know and safe power. There is, when you factor into accountyou know oil spills or fires that are caused by solarfacilities, win turbines killing. You know thousands of birds, endangeredbirds and bats. Nuclear is the safest, but you get a few scare stories outthere and the media and Environment List One wild with it. So colan nuclearare being made artificially more expensive by government mandate andregulations because there's an agenda by those putting them in. Do you think it's true that nearly ourrenewables, a meeting in the Germany or or China, or is it more equallydistributed around the world? I would even say that's probablymajority made in China. I mean you might be making some of them in Germany,but the problem is the the materials you're getting for them are all ownedby China. Mainly I mean you need something: that's called rare earth,minerals for a soul and winded, even the batteries that go for electric carsthings like Co Ball. You know lithium, cadmium things like that things thatare, you know rare and they're, becoming less rare, finding moredeposits of them. But the problem is that China has nearly a world majoritya monopoly on all of those sources, so, whether that's China, whether that'sAfrica, China is in control of that. That's why you see China building a lotof roads and bridges in Africa and Latin America, because they'rebasically got deals in place where hey we'll build your infrastructure, butthen we get ownership rights on all of your minds and your natural resourcesand China's doing that. The world is kind of looking over here, worriedabout climate change. Doing these crazy reports and these meetings in China'sjust kind of taking everything over realizing that the more the West goesall in on these climate change, stuff and needing the electric vehicles,solar and wind, etcetera, China, suddenly holding all the keys and allthe resources needed to make those things. So you might be constructingsome of them in the United States or Germany, but you're really paying Chinafor the resources to get that stuff. So I mean in the United States, I mean youhad John Carry President bidens climate envoy. You know say that the pipeline workers that are out of ajob you know, oh, they can just go, make the solar bans, but solar panelworkers make significantly less than pipeline workers. And you know thosejobs like, like. I say a lot of them are overseas, so I'd have for to saythat you know the majority is probably giant yeah yeah does agree with you.Okay, switching kids, a little bit do clitches really cause a foreignerconduct to collapse. Yes or no. What do you think I would, if overwhelming? No, you know I mightshock you, but a climate change is not the cause of every ill and calamityknown to man hit. It was for those who aren't aware ofyou know what you're referring to Bidens Energy Secretary JenniferGrandholm was on CNN talking about the tragic collapse of a Condo in Florida,and they had the ridiculous question where they asked. If climate changeplayed a factor and secretary Grantham said you know well well just you knowit. Basically, she was open to it could have you know well, we'll have to seeit's playing more and more a role and sea level rise and making things youknow less, you know less stable and which is justridiculous. It's an insult to you know the victims. It's you know ridiculousto preventing things like this again. If you look into what happened with thecondo collapse, basically the foundation there was basically like almost- I think, twomillion dollars worth of repairs that were needed and the condo board youknow, understandably so in one sense, was like wow. That's that's a lot. Wedon't know if we can do this right now, but there is some other buildinginspections that happened, that ignored some things, and so there's a lot ofproblems with safety and repairs that were not being done, that you knowreally for any building would be a problem and so that trying to suggestthat climate change, somehow you know cause that is just ridiculous and Wotus. What is Woton to your justwhat wotes, and why might that not be good news for s yeah so of the United State, that is a madadministration era, rule that vastly...

...expands the control of the nationalgovernment over every little waterway pond river stream in the United Statesunder federal control. So there's basically this idea that ifit's like a navigable water way, something that like a boat can gothrough, I might be buttering some of the legality. But the gist is t. Youknow if it's a navigable water way. You know it's kind of under the control. Noone can really own that. You know it's under the control of you know it's apublic kind of waterway type of thing and waters. The United States kind ofmakes all of that stuff, murkier all that language mercure, so that,basically it could be interpreted if the rancher has like a ditch on hisproperty, and there was a lot of rain and now he's got this kind of randompond that showed up. The national government could start regulating thatand putting all these ridiculous rules in place of what he can do with hisproperty, because he suddenly got this little pond. That appeared after amonth of rain, and it's just a great it's just a grievous overreach by ourgovernment. Here the trump administration repealed it andbasically started rolling it back and now the bind aminition is putting itback in and the big thing to realize. What that is this- and this is bothfrom you know. People are concerned with individual liberty and people whoare concerned from a Christian perspective is that the radicalenvironmentalist believes that humans are an absolute negative on the planetand our lives and livelihoods need to be limited in every single way, and sothe left tries to then limit human activity on the environment and everyway possible and they're trying to get people out of areas that they want tokeep wild the rural way of life of having a ranch of farm. Something likethat. A small business in that way is not what the environmentalist want,because they think, if you're out in nature as a human you're, destroyingthings, they have no concept of what conservation means of how humans arenecessary to conserve the environment in many ways, as God intended to be asteward, and so that's what waters of the United States really comes underits trying to push people off the land into more urban settings because theybelieve that humans are just an evil on the planet that needs to be stopped. Do you think that we can save theplanet through taxation, as as a gons want to do and are doing a list agenda?Thirty thing that you know that seems to be the seem to be working towards yeah. I really don't think we can do muchthrough taxation to be honest with yeah I you we can do as we can ease a military.We can. We can build roads, we can, you know, provide for kind of some basicneeds of society like you know, waters and sewers, and things like that, but basically at the fact we have the philosophy that the more top downapproach you have towards the environment, the worse it's going to be,and part of that is because the same approach that you have to theenvironment you know in Florida is going to be different than the approachyou need to the environment, maybe in California, and the same would go youknow the approach, the indeed to the environment you know in Ireland isgoing to be different than the approach you need to the environment in thesuburbs of London, and so basically, this idea that this top down one rulefits all approach through taxation and regulation, growing government programsout of control is not going to work, and the problemis that the more money you put into something like that it becomes a selfperpetuating cycle and that needs to keep itself alive. I don't know ifyou've heard of the military industrial complex is something that President R Iand power in the United States warned us about, but there's also, you knowreally I'd, say a scientific industrial complex. Now, where you've got thesegovernment grants coming from taxation or scientists for other things that arebasically perpetuating this need to find a problem and no more money. Youput towards something like that, the more it's going to be tough to us tofind the truth in the science I yeah, and do you think it's just thecoincidence of the Matra mediately all report, the same climate female ringstories on the same day? It's all the news. Prayers, like you, go pretty muchthe same. It is coincidence in something most intent going on a yeah. I mean I don't know if it'ssinister but I'd, say it's definitely more than coincidence. The UN and you know a lot of climateactivistss. They purposely put out...

...reports and things like that for policy makers and the media in order toget a narrative going. You know- and we know that a lot of the mediaconglomerates and those who own the media, these mega corporations- andthese you know rich kind of leaders- they talk to each other. You knowthey've got an agenda there, and so I don't think it's a coincidence. I don'tknow if there's you know, some smoke filled room or all of the mediaconglomerates meet, and you know, with you know, kind of rubbing their handstogether. Talk about this is what we're going to do next, but it's so obviousthat there's something deeper going on than just honest journalism. You knowit's like. If a teacher receives ten reports and they're all talking aboutthe same thing, what are you going to think? Okay, it's clear that you guyscheated on this and- and you know, Tetoro could do the same as like anintelligent person. Looking at all these headlines going, how could allthese journalists come up with the same story that doesn't make any sense?That's not honest, free press, so there's clearly something going on now. The SEFAT released two films climb,horsefly clime hostal to canty, tell the ones a little bit about thesemovies and where someone can get copies or a ve, yeah, apeth movies, climate,hustle and climate hustle to you can learn more and climate hostile tothat's the number two com and you can access both the movies there they'reavailable for a digital download like streaming. I know for internationalshipping. I think there might be some issues getting international shippingof the DVD or blue rate, but there's a definitely available before streamingand downloads and our whole intention. There was kind of exposing how, when itcomes to the climate change movement, there is a hustle going on there's alot of corruption, there's a lot of science,that's being hidden from the media and it's all being advanced to advance aradical and gene. And so that's the hustle. That's going on climates beingused as a tool to bring in this big government agenda. That's reducingindividual liberty, and so we did that, especially because we saw the impactthat Algor, film and inconvenient truth had and how Hollywood has gone crazyand really you know the film production industry goes crazy on this agenda andwe needed to have a media kind of option to counter that, and sothat's what the films attempt to do and climate hustle goes more into thescience of things and then climate hustle too, goes more into the agendaof the left on these things, and so the first one is great and then the secondone, I think, is even better and it's narrated by Christian film, Star, KevinSorbot who's in God's, not dead and some other films, and so we're veryexcited about both of them. Oh cool, very cool and just finally, Adam cantell smout a little bit about you with the sea. Falins yeah, absolutely see fact collusions.The intention is: You've got a lot of students going to the halls of academia so to speak,learning things from their professors and from these classes. That showreally only one side of things. Only one side of the environmental argument,one side of the science and the intention is to do events on college and universitycampuses and organized students to realize that they're not hearing thewhole truth and that they need to kind of unite and reach out to their peers,so that our halls of Academ or institutions, ofhigher learning, really so to speak, are not completely taken over by youknow kind of this Marxist ideology, which has really dominated ourclassrooms over the past few decades into really propagandizing. You knowour nations smartest students into thinking that you know more of asocialist communist type of view on things. Are you know how you solvedevery problem, which is just completely wrong, and ridiculous and you're reallyevil in some ways, especially on energy and environmental issues, and so weorganized speakers. We do outreach and we also do stewardship initiatives ofthe environment, litter, cleanups and things like that to show how youactually conserve our environment as opposed to just talking about you, know,taxing people so that the government can do it for you and so it's excitingwork, and you know I love doing it and now we've gotten a lot of growth oflast year. Finally, on the most question: where can we find you on lineand have con someone support your work again, all with s fact sure so? So Imentioned the movie website before that's climate hustle, to the numberToco to learn more about s fact, you can go to C F act. That C fact: DOTORGand you'll see all of our articles...

...there to support us. You go to see fact,dot, Org donate and then. Finally, if you want to learn more about thecollegians program, that fact campus like college campus, dot, Org and sothere's a lot of options there to learn more about the current events, see whatwe events we've got going on on college campuses, get your movies! Theresupport US- and you know all occasionally, post articles to boththose websites on you, no relative, current event, issues as well. Well,thank a do really want to. Thank you for time. Thank you so much to come onthe show. Thank you so much a is a pleasure. Well. That brings us to theend of another show. So if you'd enjoyed the show, don't worry we'll beback and if you hated the show worry will be back t.

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