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Episode 13 · 8 months ago

Episode 13 - Dr. Brian Thomas, Research Associate for the Institute for Creation Research


Talk Revival Radio Episode 13

In this episode Jon and Sharon discuss the current hot topic of Mask's - are they effective against Covid-19 or not, and if they are effective are there any health risks from wearing them?

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research

In this episode we interview Dr. Brian Thomas. Dr. Thomas  received a master’s in biotechnology in 1999 from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, and a Ph.D. in paleobiochemistry in 2019 from the University of Liverpool. He taught junior high and high school at Christian schools in Texas, as well as biology, chemistry, and anatomy as an adjunct and assistant professor at Dallas-area universities. In 2008 Dr. Thomas joined the Institute for Creation Research as a science writer and editor, contributing news and magazine articles, speaking on creation issues, and researching original tissue fossils. He was appointed as Research Associate in 2019. He is the author of Dinosaurs and the Bible and a contributor to Guide to Creation Basics, Creation Basics & Beyond, Guide to Dinosaurs, Guide to the Human Body, Guide to the Universe, and Dinosaurs: God’s Mysterious Creatures. His dissertation, Ancient and Fossil Bone Collagen Remnants, is available in book form.

In the interview we ask Dr. Thomas questions like;

  • What is Paleobiochemistry and Biotechnology?
  • How did Dr. Henry M. Morris found ICR?
  • What is ICR new Discovery Centre like and what can you see there?
  • What is a dinosaur dig like and who can get involved?
  • What are secular museums not telling you about fossils?
  • What is your favourite dinosaur and why?

Theatre of the Mind

In this episode of the Theatre of the Mind Ethan decides he doesn't need to do anymore work as he is rich and has all he could ever want in life!?

Next Episode!

Our Guest next time is Professor Steven Taylor who works with the University of Liverpool.

Steven Taylor is a speaker for Answers in Genesis (AiG); Creation Ministries International (CMI), Truth in Science (TiS) a UK Think Tank for Christians working in education, and any churches that invite him.  He is also an Elder at Dovecot Evangelical Church and preaches most Sundays. Professor Taylor is also the Chairman of United Beach Missions who seek to mobilise Christians of all ages but especially youth to use their holiday time on missions.

In this episode we will discuss with Professor Taylor the following issues:

  • Charles Darwin, Evolution and Racism
  • Mass Spectrometry & Instrumentation
  • Dealing with opposition
  • and much more...

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