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Episode 15 · 8 months ago

Guest Dr. Jake Hebert, Research Associate with ICR


In this episode Jon and Sharon talk Climate Change - should we worry or not?, "Be Compliant, Be Silent or Be Punished Culture" and how the Church needs to be "wise as serpents but innocent as doves" in the days in which we are living.

​Herbalist Corner

​Sharon shares encouragement for you to get out into the hedge rows and harvest all the wonderful immune boosting and flu busting fruits that God in His wisdom has created to strengthen our health through the on-coming winter.

​Theatre of the Mind

​Ethan thinks the Parable of the Sower needs a little more drama!

​Our guest for this episode is Dr. Leo (Jake) Hebert III, Research Associate ICR

  • We discuss the connection between cosmic rays, solar activity, and weather and climate
  • The Ice Age
  • ICR's fantastic new Discovery Centre
  • Ice Cores as the alleged proof of an old earth
  • Climate Change - something we need to be worried about or not at all?
  • even favourite Dinosaurs!

​Dr. Jake Hebert earned a master's degree in physics in 1999 from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. in physics in 2011 from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he did cutting-edge research on the connection between cosmic rays, solar activity, and weather and climate. He has taught at both the high school and university levels. He joined ICR in 2011 as a research associate and is currently researching the post-Flood Ice Age, the dating methods used to assign ages to the seafloor sediments and deep ice cores and cosmology, among other research endeavors. He is the author of The Ice Age and the Flood: Does Science Really Show Millions of Years? and The Climate Change Conflict: Keeping Cool over Global Warming. He is also a contributor to Guide to Creation Basics, Creation Basics & Beyond, and Guide to the Universe.

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Todd Sepulveda of

​In case anyone has been living on Mars for the past 20 years, things have been going downhill rapidly for some time, but 2020 has seen a epic landslide in the world situation. With persecution coming on the church in ways we just could not imagine in 2019.

How do we respond to that as Christians, do we sit back and think what will be will be, just trust God, or do we need to be prepared as much as possible?

​Todd is an Ordained Minister and a Pastor. He isn't running scared or cowering in fear, but  believes that God has always hinted and shared with His people where things were headed: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses the prophets, etc. and he sees clearly in Scripture that His people didn't always heed the warning signs....

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​Dr. Leo (Jake) Hebert III

ICR Discovery Centre


​Theatre of the Mind Script by Bob Snooks

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