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Episode 17 · 7 months ago

Guest Patricia Engler of AIG Canada


Our guest for this episode is Patricia Engler of Answers in Genesis Canada

After 12 years of homeschooling, Patricia completed a BSc with distinction at a liberal Canadian university. There, she studied intensely evolutionary courses to learn firsthand how Christian students can navigate secular education without compromising their biblical worldview. Her experiences showed her the importance of Biblical teaching, apologetics and mentors for students, with her own long-time mentor being Dr. Margaret Helder (PhD biology).

​To learn from other students’ experiences, Patricia backpacked 360° around the world solo in 180 days, documenting how Christian students in multiple countries kept their faith during university. Now, she is excited to equip youth across Canada with the message of biblical authority that AiG proclaims. Using AiG resources, the tools she developed, and insights from students she met worldwide, she provides invaluable “real world” training to Christian youth and young adults in how to navigate secular education. In her spare time, Patricia can often be found adventuring outdoors, exploring back roads, or playing ukulele.

Theatre of the Mind

Ethan gets that sinking feeling in this episode of "The Net"!

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Musical Duo Gary and Sonia

Gary and Sonia are our guests next episode. These talented musicians will bless you as you hear their testimony and music.

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