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Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Episode 2 - Guest Mike Copeman of Fiskerton Revival Centre


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  • How Europe is leaving Christianity for Paganism,
  • DIY abortions just legalised by the English government!!


Christian Comedy


In this episode Ethan & James explore what it would be like if a false messiah came to your local radio station!??


Our Special Guest


Mike Copeman


Mike Copeman is the leader of the Fiskerton Revival Centre, Talk Revival Radio caught up with him to discuss the ministry of Henri Staples which started in 1948 in Newark and spread around the world. We also discuss about Mike's own ministry, how he has personally seen God move mightily over the years and how he feels God is leading his ministry in the future.


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Comedy script written by Bob Snooks


Welcome to the top revival podcast, theradio show that brings the true church together with interviews new sitemsreviews and details. oboutcoming events- remember, don't be a reactivist beinactivist for the Lord. He is risen. He's Visin Indee, welcometo the to evial podcast episode to the Radio Show. That brings you a healthydouse of incurigion to your day and we have wined up for you in this episode.We go to a new segment. First of all, where we discuss some topics of veryimportant interest to the Christian. We then go to the theater of the mind forthe Christian comedy with the than James Radio show. We have a greatinterview lined up with Mike Cotman the glory people and we raund off withsomething a little bit special yeah, so he's risen. He is risen indeed, there's an interesting article that wasrecently on CBN news about how Europe is leaving Christianity for Paganism, for instance, martyrs, Free Church in Edinburgh,which is part of the Ritistry of Christianity and Scotland. Today it'scalled Frankinstein a bar. It's a family friendly venue, but a bar thathas like bartop dancers and monsters. Saint Paul's Church in Bristol is nowschool for circus performers and in Linara, Spain. The Church of SantaBarba is now chaos temple a skateboard park. So it goes on to say how the belief in the Christian God isplummeting something like seventy or seventy. Fivepercent of under his in Britain claimed to have no religion, which, of course,we know that isn't necessarily true, because even Athesm yeah is a religionyeah, absolutely and there's this mass exodus of theChristian church throughout Europe, and even there's these African, anAfrican teacher in Liverpoole, hope, th university atlive of Pole, hope, university, yeah and he's just dumpounded, because hesays that the average age of an African Christian is nineteen or, and he comesto Europe, and he says these are quote unquote. He says coming to Europe.These are post Christian people, they have moved away from Christianity. Iteach students who tell me I am fourth generation Pagan in my family hm andthis man's name is Dr Harvey Quiana Gariani Yeah- and you know this. This is funny notfunny but dumbfouning. I guess that you knowBritain. That was once sending missionaries to Africa. Now theseAfricans are coming back and they're like. Oh, my goodness, you know,there's like barely a trace of Christianity, now yeah, and even thesethe article also goes on to say how Christian nations are now persecutingChristians. As you know, if you go on to Christian concern, yesh almost bythe day, Christians are being persecuted in thiscountry, for just you know, making a facebookpost that simply alludes to a Bible verse and that next thing, u know thepolice are knocking on ther door. Exactly l push me down even yeah apushing it down like this doctor, David macarus. He was fired because herefused to call a bearded transgender man, a woman, and this is a you know,an nacist doctor who had been working for years and years and years greatlyrespected men and simply Cathetas refused to call a man. A woman he'sfired yeah, and I think the thing is Europe isreturning to its pagan roots. You know to quote the article. It saysthe end of that road. Culturally, I think, is eighty. Ninety percent, noreligion, yeah. What are your thoughts? Well, I think I've seen it we've seen itComin F R. for a long time I mean we. I grew up in the church. I was in thechurch as it Ecaus a very babyin in th, and you know you see these churches and the average age of these congregationsnow is sort of getting towards seenty five eity more some a lot older. Now wequickly do the maths on that. That means I, within the next ten yearswe're going to see a lot of chapels and...

...a lot of churches closhe very quickly.In fact, we've seen capls closed very recently. I know justin the last few years that I mean I've been in Britain now for probably aboutfifteen years steadly yeah and in that time, what I've probably seen scene,four or five or maybe more churcho clothes, yeah yeah and we're going tosee an epidemic F church is closing very soon as these as these people get older andther not being replaced. I remember I was in a youth group at to the church,mattlock and Darvishi in the mid nointis and we weren't replace. There was really noyoung people as Yeld oneor to, but there wasn't really youth grit whenthat you grew stoppe to you pretty much stopped and we see that all over thecountry. Now, I'm obviously in my fortis, you know so ethe congregations are aging. I thinkone of the reasons is that Christianity has been seen in recentyears within the church. I'm talking about now as well. I'm okay, I'm goingto heaven and I'm not going to step out of my colforhe zone, I'm not going torisk anything! I'm going to keep my head down at work, I'm not going to sayanything! So I can keep my comforts and Christianity is all about witnessingit's all about getting out there and speaking to people and doing something.As we said in the last show, you know don't be aReactivisto bean activist and unless the church becomes more activist it'sgoing to it it's going to die out now. I don't think the truth will die outbecause the court, a COR church will remain yet a remnant will remain soit's not going to completely die out. But when I look at figures of ChurchyTENDENC in Britain- and we see three percent- some seem to say some say:Half a percent yeah, I would say half a percent. Looking is more accurate. Tobe honest, half of cent is more actual and that figureis going to go down andit's time to do something now, because we live obviously in a democracy,because we live in a democracy. The what the majority of people want isgoing to be made low. Now, if you're in a country that has tsn ninety ninepoint, five percent, let's say or ninety seven percent that are clustoms find selvs as pegan or atheistor no religion. Obviously, as I said before, aesm his religion, yeah, but then you're going to have thosekind of laws. ISIT's very simple: you can have those kind of laws and if themajority of people resent Christianity you're going to see lawshat a Ma to shutuk Christianity or anything, really that bothers them. SoI think we could quickly very quickly see Christianity made illegal unless westart to tur, try and turn things around now and also we can't do it. Weneeds to be a move of God. We need. We need not just o revival, we need areformation and hopefully, throughout this covid crisis, people will outside the truth that is and insidethe Tut will realize that our comforts, those things that we think are oursecurity, I think, are very solidale. People will realize: Well, no, no one's guaranteed aother day andth. These things are transient and that the only thing that really remains is arelationship with God. Now, the psychologist, of course, they turnaround and say: Oh well, you know in hard times people tench religion,because it's a Croach but no Jesuss. I think Petro Wonts, soJesus isn'Nto, the Crouch yeah he's a stressyin because you probably Cotewithout Yeu got not designed. You got. Is godship holes it were and you're notdesiried to be able to exist happily without him, and so many people thinkthat they are doing we'll see all these movie stars that Onhappy, you know,they've got all this wenall. This fame and Majorto more happy bi und less theyhave the Lord. I mean you, don't really see sort of many sort of scandals aboutPatboo and all yeah people like that. Really do you. No! You got soysia yeah.I was just going to say that I think we're seeing a bipod product of thepaganism or Pigan society that we live in today, which is suicide Yeh. Youknow I was thinking you know, you're talking about Hollywood and celebrities,you know actors and singers an means. You know people we itolize society idlizes, many of them turnd to suicide. You knowlike, sadly, few years ago, Robin Williams yeah, we think of prints andyeah, although they say that might have just been an exdental overdose. Youhear conflicting things: Yeah, IAS, George, more cool, George Michael, youknow, thatis is an epademic and...

...actually suicide is becoming a pandemic.You know we're talk. Bout thinking about pandemics, suicide, an massivepandemic and white is that is because atheism offers us no hope right now. Ijust read it in the news this evening, as I was checking up on the latest onthe CORRONA virus. Suicide is going through the roof inthis country. Right now, yea the police are concerned, and they say it'skeeping them busy suicide attempts and actual suicides, and I think you knowin a sense. You know this isn't a comfortable thing toaccept, but I think the CHURCHIS is largely to blame for this, because youknow, as you were saying earlier, we want to keep our heads down. We want tokeep our jobs, we want to just roll along under the radar Yoa because youknow the workplace. If you say, Oh, you know, I'm a Christian or you try towitness in and even the mildest way it is really pon. It doesn't make youpopular at makes it. You know everyone's jumping on you and you cancome to even death threats yeah. You know that from experience, but youhave to understand t you know what you have youster coming up. What did Jesusdo? Jesus died for US died and he died a brutal brutal death nomedically. Itwas brutal yeah and he was willing to do that for us. Sowhat you're saying that we can't you know most Christians are like. Oh, youknow, I'm afraid of this, I'm afraid of that. But you know Jesus was willing totake such a brutal death upon himself yeah. Then I think we can deal with alittle bit of flack if it means saving the life of one of these hopelessindividuals. We need to show them. There is a hope, because, right nowpeople are isolated, they're afraid and I think one thing suicide is a subject that I'm verypassionate about because, as you know, I was suicidal. I haveattempted soicide in my life hm and when you feel you have nothing oneof the worst things is to be isolated. Yeah, you Kno, you say you're alone. Well,you're single you don't have a husband or wife, you don't have children. Maybeyou've always said. Oh I'm too busy, so you don't even own a cat or a dog. Youdon't have a pet. Well, that's fine! When you're going out with your matesall the time, it's fine when you're working all the time, but when you'restuck at home alone and all that you were living for is now gone, you know,and you also ar facing a frightening future. Where you know you may not havea job Y, you may not have an income you, maybe you know in your worry thatyou're going to die because of you know the fear mongering. That's been goingon yeah, you know what do you have? Why live? Imean really why live y? If you don't have Jesus, if you don't have that hope,then you don't have anything. So I would just tell Christians out there.We need to share that hope and we need to do it any way we can, whether it'syou know writing a letter to somebody whether it's calling someone on thephone going on social media and posting the truth. You know sending someone anemail, facetiming skipe, you know whatever we need to be there for ourneighbors or friends, or relatives or enemies. We need to be out therespeaking the truth in love. I think that's a good point because I think,what's going through minds of a lot of people, is that you know I don't havecobid nineteen now, but chances are and gon to get it sooner or later. Will Isurvive t younger people's probably think yeah probably will all the peoplethink well a mal or I may not, and younger middleas, even older people,you know looking at the economy today, the economy is, is ineserious problemseas, it wasn't whon. I looked at the economy before this happened and itwasn't great he was it was. It was in a banch shape and this is a very, very woringeconomically, and you know you know, if you don't trust God tomeet your needs. Well, you know, and we've lived, not just Britain, but most countries inthe Western world have lived beyond the mens for last thirty thirty odd yearsyou know: We've become incretiently reliine to punt credit and asand. Youthink Ol I'm going to have that income forether and then, oh all of a sudden.You lost your job and you can't make your payments and those things that youspent your life building all the time. The Nice car, maybe the Nice House andise close all these things are at risk and, like you say, when people see thatyou know these things that heve worked hard for are going to go and that they can't sort of U W, hang out with the people. Tha Thehsame to comfort them.

This is why I think we're seeing thisthis rising in suicide, because if you well it's true, if you don't have Lord,you don't have Noben. Now you don't and and loneliness magnifies. I think youknow our contents t testifies to God. You know our conscience does tell uswhen we're doing wrong with whor. You are saved or not. That conscience isthere. Speaking O us and you can shut your conscience up if you're busy yeah,but when it's quiet, yeah and you're alone, that contente is loud, yes toand and then Satan's voice is loud. You know he comes to misper things. To bring up yourguilt. Bring up your shame so in that loneliness you know you're beingreminded of everything you did wrong. Your your fears of the future are beingmagnified and and there's no one to turn to you knowwhat we're being told the NS is falling over. You know I can't deal with thecrisis. o Rs, barely dealing with the cuaurt crisis hm. You know you can't govisit your mom and dad because they're, elderly and you're supposed to stayaway from them. Yeah. You know you can go visit, your friends, youcan't go to the GP and talk so you know it.It's like you, don't have anything to do and D.You just get to a point where you know it's hopeless. There's no point to myexistence. What is the point? I'm just you know, I'm just an APE. What's thepoint to my existence better just to talk myself off now thanface an uncertain puture yeah? But but that's that's a lie. It's anabsolute life Rom, the pit of Health and as Christians we should becombating that yeah. We should be passionately sharing the answer withthose around us and even those further field. You know this is t e day oftechnology. We can reach people all over the world from our living roomyeah. Let's do that yeah and I think picking up from what you were saying isthat you know the governments issued guidelines today on. You can only go out driving for thisreason of that reason, and I think if you go out driving just because and yousee lose other people on the road don' You feel comforted in that if you'rethe only curl on the road you're going to feel very, very vulnerable and, likeyou, do something wrong and I think that's howit is, with certain peopletake comforting the fact that so many other people are doing it and I think, as it's people ar beingisolated to becoming more aware of the Consciousan and more aware of theFrailtis- and this is a great time to witness so so yeah another news article. I want to mentionreal quick. Well, maybe not so quick yeah is some people may not even know aboutthis, because the government has just slipped this right in everyone'sdistracted with the covid nineteen crisis. They have just passed a law into law, diy home abortions in thiscountry, and Britain isn't the only country to slip in radical abortionlaws. New Zealand has recently done it. Of course, they've done it in NorthernIreland and also home abortions. Haveen, legalized in Wales, just in the lastweek as well now this is something that allChristians should be united against is abortionthere is no excuse, it isn'tright, it is modern, you know sacrifice to bail, it isn't,okay and as Christians we need to stand up for the helpless and the voiceless.That's our job, that's one of our job descriptions, and so I would encourageeveryone to write your MP urging them to protest against this new law andplease support you. Look into Christian concern, go to their website and support them because they arebringing a legal challenge against the government regarding this law yea andsome people, you know they say, I'm pro life, but you know I'm po live, butwhen the mother's Lice in danger, I'm per life, but if the child isn't goingto have a quality life, this may sound Harse, but you areeither pro life or you are not. We need to be prolike, we need to beunified in that and if, for no other reason, this isn't just about the baby.This is about the mother's. It is a dangerous, dangerous thing. Abortionsare dangerous. Generally, they are it's a very dangerous procedure. It's notsomething that should be done as lightly as it is in wonter society.

It's actually. Women die from abortions,quite often yeah and a diy home abortion. That's justthen, through an email, fo like a drr hall, Surter Yeah, it's it's just donethrough emails. This new law allows it to be, and it's terrible because youdon't you're not protecting that woman. She could be in an abusive situationwhere she's being pressured to abort her baby. She could be in a traffickingsituation. As we know recently, there have been sex trafficking rings, brokendown as close as in Yorkshire, and we don't know you know just throughan email. You don't know the situation with this woman. You don't even know ifshe's getting the pills to do this for herself or maybe for a young child. Imean it could be a child WHO's. An essetually, abusive home were they're being sexually abusedand the parents are just going to go, get diwy abortim because they gotpregnant and that isn't. Okay, we need to you know there needs to besafeguards, you know, and this problem wouldn't even be there.There wouldn't even be a need for a safeguard if we just got rid of aBorton Full Stop Yeah. So please, please write your MPssupport Christian concern as they bring this legal challenge against thegovernment. If anyone you know once more informationon abortion and why it's wrong, maybe you don't understand you, don't knowhow to help you don't really it's not something o ever really paid attentionto before. You know feel free to email, US and I'd be happy to talk with you gefical something similar in Americawas non soplose tring. Yes, she tried to push something in with this wholecovid. Nineteen relief package that trump put through to help the Americanpeople financially and she tried to slip aperlabortion lat in, but it was caught yeah. Some of the states in America,particularly the Democrat, controlled states, are trying to slip in very nasty abworseon laws, which is sad because in the last year in America, weave seena lot of anti abortion laws past, which were e wonderful, making abortion toFutt Morson has dropped drastically in America over the last few years, ow,which is positive, so yeah. This is something we do needto stand up against e Dou Nee to unify on, and you need to you know stuck ithome. We've got plenty of time to write letters to our in peace andnow for a change of pace. We thoughtthat, with all the misery and bad news that there is in a world a spot ofChristian comedy, wouldn't go er miss. So now we now go over to the theatre ofthe mind where Ethan James are waiting for something a little bit different. Welcome to Yo ever pamous EJ comedyshow Ethn. This is our first episode D, Yes, but the audience doesn't know that Anaythe Bible warns us to be aware of afalse massiah arising in the last days. What would you do if some one claimedto be the MISSIRA? We go now to radio station K D, J, a listen, okay, guys ful on ranger bill next hello. there. May I help you. Are youthe manager of this ridio station? Yes, I amm, then you can announce me, I'mhere Oe, don't you recognize me, I'm him IM the messias silly! So Garan you can announce my arrival.

You are the Messire H sheuses in theflesh in the flesh. I see you don't believe me. Well, the Bible says thatthe Messia will alive, though the same way he departed yeah. So so how would you get into thosebuilding you see me coming? I came down fro Heaven and landed onthe roof and who saw you arrive. Nobody I snuckin to avoid youngrafhhounds. You know, have a teas wrin, you're famous, butthe vessiah had several witnesses when he ascended into heaven. Yet so so hepromised that when he descended from eaven again he would have severalwitnesses. Oh that yeah, that I changed my mind. Sa snipper broke a single one of hisproteses before well and the Messiah. I can do anything I want which concludesbreaking a promise. Can you just break into this program and announce me now?You want me to break into a network feed yeah. You know we interrupt thisbroadcast for an important, newse, bulleting TAA, so which microphone do Istand in front of Log Fellon? I don't know who you are but Bella. I any waytowards Resteson of God. How do I know that you are really theson of Yo so far, all I know about you as that you wrake your own promise.Okay, you won't proof, go ahead and ask me how old I am all right. How old are you I'm olderthan the hill, I'm not impressed, I'm telling you IAM the one who cratedthe world why I knew the Mississippi River when it was just a creek. I knewwhen the great humalea mountains were just foothills, guess what theMiditryan Pons Turne out to be. I remember when the Red Sea was onlypink. I remember when the ded sea was only sick. Oh H, remember the great Saara forest. TheSahara is a desert yeah. Now, how do I know you're not just making upall these things, because I knot only coated the earth. I also created theunives. You know the Milky Way. Ou mean the Milkin way. Galixse yeah, Iremember Whett was much figere. I called it the feaming way. I tell you what, if you break into thisradio, show and announce my arrival I'll spare you from the lake of fire. Ihappen to know: I'm no Oomeon here, let me prove boyond any shadow of a doubtwho I am. Let me write on your wall with my finger like I did for Josuathat was Danel. Whatever just put me in front of that microphone, it will onlytake a minute. Look. The Bible warns US theres the end time apbroach severalpeople wo claim to be the MESSIA. I think you're a fake all right now.You've got Maa man, yes, for that, when I take my fuck hometo heaven in the rapture Youl get left behind. Jesus said that I have eternallife. I believe in him which I do, and he also promised that none can snatchme out of his hand. He said that I mean I said that all right then you get to come to, butyou have to ride in coach. The first shall be last and the last shall befirst. Why do you keep quoting the Bible? All scrippers God brieve and isuseful for teaching rebuking correcting and Finning in likes. Ot is, is that's a Ote Bible verse? You oughtto know, you wrote it. Oh Yeah. I remember now reason I forgot is I wroteit when I was doing two things at once: That's when I was also flooding Yearaafter Abraham built the ARC. That was no no. I now I deside what to do of you.I'm gonna show you the star: Hey Waita Mit, wait a MINUTA. YOU FOUND IT IOH!No! No! No!...

So you don't think I'M MESSIATA! Well, that's all folks. Now the beautiful city of Newark he'sKnowif many things: it', nown, Fret, rich civil war, history, an of courseit was a royal stronghold during the English civil war is also known for itsrolling God war. Two, it was bombd during word or two, and there were manyairbases around the NEUOC arear the American air basis. And of course, there are quite a lot of blue packs around formany things. People have lived in New York over the years, but you won't seea blue plack to a man called Henry Staples who started the birth of whatbecame a worlwine ministry in New York, Backin, one thousand nine hunred andforty eight, and we were proviosed to catch up with Mike Coman of the glorypeople an find out, Lita bit more about the Ministry of Henry Staples and, ofcourse, Mik own ministry. The FISCATINA Revival Center. So as Mike, how didHenry get started in ministry? BAC, one thusand, nine hundred and forty eight?It was really quite wealthy, but the only problem was that he wasn't really committed to the Lord.Although we helped out you know during the war an the years after war with theChurch and Aiman and tacking them to the churchthan give them tea and Preac the Gospel to Hem, yes, wel. He committed O so hiswife, mother and Motherinlaw, and one of two the ladies all met once a weekto pray for him and the AUTM used to pay the piano at the AOG churchin Lunsfield on the Sunday evening, and the AUTC was that one eveing od knot him offhis, beone,stoll and that', really where it all began,because the Lord then gave him a ministry. Wi was to put the joy back inthe church because it got verys to mundate and very dower, that's what the or tol and he gave him. You know gift of evantualization and he really then started to take upmeetings in in his own home and so hell people. What the Lord had told him from and as a resurt of that quite aquite a number of people thank to know the Lord in New York. So you moved on from there to having ameeting in Masal marketplace under Sunday night. Yes, there's one or twopees euse to gather there and have thethey we tbyoone Stalf, Isix and then the next on start Ba six butand. He had a caravan bill. So letthe site caravan down and take it into he stage. Okay ther was always all overit. All that sort of thing and people focked in our hundreds, the marketplaceis absolutely fall. Yeah and a lot of people got saved and healed, and one sort of telling thing really wasthat up until that ind, the police, hade fo other black marier on themarketplace, to stop all the fights and arrest and takeaway those people that were fighting but from the OANOBODY. You are nofights...

...nono drunkenness in the marketplace orethink. It was. You know the Lord, a your work there.So why the inpode into the Ukin Sultan holding meetings in technical conpand? What we used to bean ambulance o where the fir station in Ouk is now. Okay hat people used tocome from all over the country by the COACLA to the meetings andt, then heSarte t yo ow. Other People Wut then went away and ask him to go to theirteion and techmites in their church and res First of all, a UK Wide Ministry and then a worldwide extreme.He wentfom in Holland and and Sweden, and places like that there were people who are gettingblessed in the meetings like the camerons who came from peterhead in hescot the Greeno rater churches up Inin, the north of England, people in Railes, and what have you whothen took that gosspel out to America and various other places in Africa andwhere have you and es til by a ministringn because of the impulse thatHenry had eichis, Realy quitea momentous thing really, but reallywanted to have an organization or a church? He just wanted to go out andbless woken and then pass that on through their churches. Yes, CAUS ICKIN UP Peplin theaag church thatthey had him go to a an extra ordnary meeting in the London headquarters andtold him to stop doing what he was doing because it just lank dicorum. Theythought it was really the sort of thing that Christianshould be doing. They didn't like revival AE, which youstrange really of you know. An organization was formed and based onrevont, really sort of rejected the netre tivel that came along. I wasgoing to say nd what so led up to your sort of led up to your social calebration tollme about your testiy right. Okay, what happensame across a young od ther,went to different school Tan League Withour, Pat Seeng Ta Cross on our wayhome from school. Thenhe started to talk to me about prophecy in the Bible. Okay. Well Imean it was interesting, but it really had no sort of impact on as such, because I dea ev'nbelieve there was a goal. It doesn't wasn't something that was reallyrelevant to me and really see more of a coincidence than anything else, buthe's Aban to lat e Lo Etings, and they welcome me into their home and reallywere very kind to me. But one tha you did on a regular basis, particularyears forthe press trying to persuade me to go to one of their meeting. Well,I resisted WOS, probably about a year. I wul think, and then I thought,Youself Wovem, I don't rethat's the thing to do, topressure off meuse to say ill, go to one of the meetings go and say: Well,don't like it and then they w anyway went to what long to Te meetingthat Jose and Rog steep a put on O, whichJose is same Kinof, winkbilds sister, yes, whote, mother of the La tatfriended. The went into the meeting thing thattit he most was how friendly everybody was Ewe. DETL cantees. I can't actuallyremember anything that was said in the meeting fro Hartway from the meeting.They called a proy line and a man who was certainly sat at theback of the meeting. Yeah Tofo rose in front of me: Goto Hbthe Front Wenand. Eventually they cray for him and he let jumped back to the back on hischair for obviously full of joy, because the Lordof dildin yeah the meeting about this and Wan until w got home that I foldthem t at that's what I've seen I ld the man, but what happend en Henry Wasand Chris Wingfield cameand asked me if I wanted to give my heart to the Lord, well got something that I haven't got and Iwanted you know it was. It was...

...something that was really really quiteinspiring. Yeah. That's no made the you know to Sibut. It didn'tnothing happened and I don't know why I expected something to have, but I did. I was really quite disid en wat concernd that nothing inhappened o make. We say it was a simpleas thatWei, so everybody was really very pleased about that. Anyway, we went, and I was smoking attom. L, probablythe reason I didn't feel anything is because I was smoking, so I tried tostop smoking and Coding Yeah Anyway, three weeks later they paught this. Thesame meeting on Agam is from sout and of course I was expected to do becausenow I you know I would belong to Jesus, I would say so. I couldn't get out ofit, so I went along and partway through the Minty enry got me up to testify anso e told them what had happened at the last meeting Yeahod, because actually Ifelt nothing had happened Oro. So it was really. You know it wasreally soany. Wer Henr it as really quite embarrassed, in' onlyway, Henrysort of talked me through it and I agreed with him and what have you,because I didn't actally save this in his prayer, so cans yeah, Ande then paid for me. Ow gojust felt though I was topally inFoner, my c absolutely on fire, and the old of my body was, but all I felt wasthe love of God and it is remarkable. Just totat, the mother Gil just totally overwhelmedme atime on. I knew first and foremost, thet was a god without a shadow thedoubt and the presence Haf Gon is so realwith me. You know there is no way that ar tesort of denied anymore it now took a little while for my mind, I tual cashup with what had happened to me. So it was really quite a strange pov but nevertheless, but I went to work onthe following Monday. SCHUCKERED INI and I didn't say anything for anybody,but somebody came up to me. Quite you know we'rging about now, or we going.Igoe is a what importibl what's different about you, thiss somethingtisYouv, Gon, Realy dnow. As a result of what happenedthere, there was bout w. There was for perhapsfive people I con't actually remember now as fifty years ago, but there was agroup of people actually got to say you. I heard late Rolt of what God had donein me. Yes, God without, we are just by that sort of day today, sort of witnessthat you do without even realizing it. Yes, they'd all given tat off o thehold at some point later. Yes and Reay. Really, you know great pleasing really so wit. That is in, of course, the Isow the Baptiran Hoy Piritan Andyea Casm Pirit, a few months later, greatyeah, yeah Funto. What would you say to thosepeople say? Do we, SCE e Sal? They was just emotionally experience Bo. Howwould you respond to that if it a SA dituation? Well, I mean it. Wa mebutactually transformed my thinking too. I didkthat wasn't an accusation that was made to me. You know Afteradvi, some of thepeople I worked with. Oh you know. Well you just Pak carried away with me.BUTYEATHAT's othing, but you see ethen thing is this: You can have anemotional sort of outburs Lus, perhaps a few seconds at the most, the Dayo toyeah, you recurn a normal shortof way of life. But that's not what happened.You know what, but my life was potally changed Yeu Long, the Lord completelytook away the mighty packes on nicotine that night change Anda, but you see how whatwanted what the Lord wanted. You know what I mean. No, I was seking God. Iwasn't just returned to my own life Lov withme. Yes, absoltely Changeme, evidentand that' that I you to this DaiYehi did all of the things a nineteen year old chat, Woodo. You Know Yeah Bu,all of that change. It just changed over E, I was re quite remarkable.

...andwhat you becoming a Christian. Didthat Presen new hurdles? Would you say to Overcoln I mean my family? Well, youknow we're a good family yeah, but they didn't. They didn't go along with whathad happened to me at all and Allto Te. They must have seen it gage. It is ou,be something that is negative, O e, something that is po to because that challenge the way that they wereliving an what happened to Hechallenge, the way that they were living. My father never accepted the lawges,his Savio and this always very eathectical and quite spoken at times our Fath, but the moment what Ye Dii did: axceptthe Lordes a savior. Yes, I've got two brothers who one of whom is cothlyopposed Christianity apossible way, and my twin brother is really anbivlenthe's not really sure or not bi mean theso terrific changingmn. It reallywas a fantastic change, but it seems to confuse them rather than brought themto the law, but course the end is not yet. You know the that's right. Yeahyeah wait and see what happens, but there are other members of my familycousins and what have you yes came to the meetings and did have a erelationship with a wor. So so that was good. experence question is obvously can tell me about your OlisIsca Sryou, the leader tha fix oorrible Sento, now Youg toist. Well, of course, Ifyou goaround with Henry and Conney in the out each team. When I was and nthat gave me a really goodgrounding and quite a lot of experiences in Thel Oyou know it reallychange my life. Even more Yesu O Goe Werwe canouts meet things were gun call,willows was Heny's, nephew, actually, okay, and we used to GE eigt meetingson in various places on a month of thebasis, but particularly Wimbldan with the of e group of people calledthe sorrey group, yeah e use to compider te Aln neetings and we had allsorts of thes se a Havn in those meetings. It was really really quiteremarkable e, absolutely be people gettig, savedand he'll demon possess people would be, would be delivere of o the the demonsand it Waso really quite emarkable. So that' put something within me thatreally you know reallyof made me step bust, because I know what God can do.ICAN OU KO've seen it with my own eyes and that actually the reason we gotinvolved it this ga we used to go to Fisciton, you know, but we livedfurther n. We lived SOM DISTANCE SA di. Go there on aregular basis. Yes, there Wasa ocasenroll round the Leeting, for, ofcourse, they were very gool friends, wit, ours and Weth know them. Since Iwas safe or before I was save so over fifty years now, and there was a splitity curch travelis paints and travalous came to the church. Ther was and the People Simplpi e Ean didn't like it. We Oly said well, you know everybodyelcime here we're not we're not going to do noe to tell people, Tho can'tcome, and so some people that, but I heardabout this- I hat t's terrible. You know I need to go and help them so uzyand I went over to Frisian Stotgo to the meking on a regular basis. Yeas Etosupport them because Jose Long, but forty years of their life, andtoFiscalti e funded it and ran it, and you know n times when it in thebooktime, don't geat the bad time because fellowship go down ethe, itreally just happened. You know rolly started to ask me to take the medthings every now and again and when they went on holiday I is steping andtake them and it really just we really jus t excuse the wor evolved. Really itwasn't really something that was planned, but whatas roll IOD. ActuallyBeen Frang that the Lord was send somebody along I, we came over from himwhen he finished because they just welling to their Suveis, then right and said Tha. You know they took it. Iwas the guy, so I actually took over...

...from them. Could Rolliy stop coming tothe meetings aout in Oles six months to e Ataly die, so Iwould iul take you know you Trin to sort of rolled into the place ye reallyso it Wuldn't Ewud organized it was the Workofteiste also to curretly. Youknow how do does this affect people to cris ar supposed to onre to Seie Wen,you say Biitin like service as such in as much as there's no real, I wul say: There's no framework, tthere's no orden to it in the sense of you know. We start off with him and thebreaperand know all that short of, say, whal doinga to like believe that we're led by the spirit now whats people actually comealong in the pastal know you shouldn't, do it like Tis Ou, you do it like thisand they o set both an agenda Nand. They were, you know they sort ofstress that we could actually be gon e free, but have some sort of format. If we'e got a forma ele this boot, wewant the holy spot to do what he wants to do. We don't want to do what we wantto do so I mean we would normally start offwith choruses and NPRAYER. We reand we Wul have preaching,but if there are people there with especially no we come along, peoplecome along and they they need somethone. Some people come along anyou healingsomething Olso. So really whatever comes up, we deal withit Ani we notios the spirit, remarkable S, a result, as that I mean,doesn't just work all the time, because people sometimes try o take the meatingover, but so yo needs a strong hundry to sort ofgide is back to to where we need to be yeah. I don't knowpreach their favoritedoctrine. You know all that jues really is causedissension among people to some people agree some people, don't so we e roundworship and allow the to God to Leadis Intunwhat needs to be done with tecorestince. You know a few weeks ago, darted HAP breaking of bread on aregular basis. Wil You some inorlates before the we tes a believing what weshould being power of God came upon the Medithing, and I was really urged my spirit tomake sure that we've wrote bread while the healthy fit was reallyondherneathing yeah. We started todeer. So that's what we did and the power ofgot increased. You know. Quite remarkably now, as a man, a man calledLeo who wive been WHO's, been picked up by one of the people from Beacon Hellin Lincoln, Yo Shis by toking moment and and letting stay in his home, but he resisted to resistet selffision, but actuly come to that leaving thatnight, because Mo go fom up, O meting,checking to Boston we broke and awe got to the end ofbreaking bread leocame to the front and asked es emark. Really I meanh you just got upwalking at Sai, I want to be saved and so evingto the Lord and he was able tobreak read with us and remarkable. Since I mean that's how Thipety cod moves in the meeting, some people spontaneously healed I'll talktt you wort ontaneous Hel, but we also will elp and pray for them. The Lal, noreal, so ta to toll me about the Hunos that Youve sofiist. Well, I mean the lows always use me inthat sort of area. Yeah, Itsso years ago years ago, wet o meeting it tookmeeting in stock bors and there was a young lad in the WHO fourteen years old had had aconenifol digestion problem and we spread atubing to stomach. But the doctor were really concernedbecause they couldn't see how they could maintain inour food through. That means forintogo cubity because you know the inpluding tabity or thenutrition requirement will be so great, and so the following Monday is going tohave a...

...consultation that the hospital and outwhat they would do. ANYWAYS LONG ON THE SACIDIN LIT IS MON brought into thefront so that e, so that we could pay for Hem. So that's what we did. Grafrn Yeah Li.Seemingly nothing happened. You know it was okay, but but no, you know no real move of the spirit that would importindicate to is it Hav, Beeng healed in anyway wca on Monday, on the Monday Imean Thi Gar was fourteen years old, an being in hospitals since he wen boutyeah they did some tests as a prefursiveut consultation yeah the testshute to he at B, a Healis coball. They were not Eso. Whatthey did was got him in altinand football, his the stop out of thusscimmet O in that kind. Normalla, this Waas, a Ni Tois, that's Gy and Danly Inceeto me hevebeen coming to the Natur fore a few weeks, but he was par of Paanoidcitophrenic right twelve years on heavy nheavy drops to control the fits Ofreenit. Now what happened in atual fact themeeting got star, and I had a word of knowledge- basically said what Danny suffered onte day today basis. Will, I know, nothin ot suprenia. I have no ideawhaaaia set, but this is not how it's going to be. then. You Know Prophetic, Word Tame.That told us how it was going to be for him. Yeas thenpieace in Ush cameovermeating and pobby for bout half an hour. Nobody moved or spoke of workbecause the power o the presence of God, was so great on the Meking. Nobodywanted to break it. You know it was so e. The end of the meeting, Dany cat, an hesaid. You know I have suck at Pace Im, never expect experience peace like itan ral problems, Isa Freir, is that youfeel franticall the time yeah. He came back to the Mekinto it to aboutsix week week and I wal think it would probably be yeah someting. The Lord is alloaded completely Takim of all thedrops and e is totally druw free and the lot completely. I absolutely I mean my own perspective eiither. Ihad a problem with one of my nit with my right kneegoint. Yes, I couldn't, I couldn't bend, I it was swellow and-and I thought I sprane it in the garden gardening yeahe doctors expecting you know, give me something strong pain, clolersor something yeah, its nogn, so anywayaaan Tmr. I report came back tosay that my knee was Tokal shot an I leading e replacement, so anyway, ther were making you'remaking pepeations. For that. I was in the meeting on e Tai at onenight and we were just in a circle, really praying forthepoples and Al ofthethe. There's a Almighty crack in my knee, which Ithought everybody was suberber Tedidn't and the pain just went wow and the next morning I got to acabenmy kneeI could kneel I couldn't I couldn't possibly kneel down. I would be anabsolute agin E funly. I do I could you? No, it was completely andand is stillhere cou this day, ha must have been yeasy. Couple years ago, O yeah. We have people comn. You know analcoholic man came into the meeting hecame in with Wifeo Win Cosofmetin,but and before we have the eeting, we get together anather to people, Ara TeRigulam couple tea and he was I in the kitchen saying. Well, you know ifanybody comes te me preacing or trying to Broper me, you know sm and all thisLor Tisplanhe got anythingand Wewhen Ou. He was on his knees. He crying out to got Te mecy es God.Really he the SA just Chake, God completely delivered Im from alcoholism right that night, N he's never goneback to it. Really quite remarkable.

Tesidruga homeless man came into eeating, he had no home, we went home, somebody offered him a home while hewasin the meeting. We prayed for him, yes, PAP, a oe, finding a home andfinding work. He went home with somebody who gave himhome and two weeksly got a job sgus and you'd, not worh it for had a hume foryears. You know reallyyeah out Tohel, bak pain, Anda, sort ofthing, really quite Ama, a amazing s that live far away from fiscosis tosepeople that don't know Tistosnea New York in Otcintheg England glory people sources around theconfethat. You can go to there arethe headquaitis of got of theGRO people is now in Battledem and theythink nok bridge in Balmen, but his also where the GROING ES ispublished from they go and have Aommuniti, obviouslynot at the moment. But when the coratavirus thing is over Theel, westart and they go and have ins in various places in the country. Yes, there's also a brother called Bok Ais in Gor Sinandin Wales and at regular meetings. Yes, an of course theyr Isin, of course, so the thing to do is really to go eitherthrough our website or to the glory people werk beside and seether, ar onaround the country to see if they are any close to you. Yes, wherever,however, people are, you know there are some still going on,but it's not as accive as it used to be in ees day right. What? What do youthink hat that tat is my what o you think the RACEOFA might b? Well, I'm not really quite sure, but theimpus just doesn't seem to be Thesan novious ty people getting older. Thatmight be a reason for it. Yes, but there are,you know there are still people around who come to Gloin Meis and havemeetings in our own place, but you see the thing about it. Is this really? Thewhole thrust of of the glory meetings is to just get the blessing and take itto the old church. It's not really as girches that made BEC being a mistake.probbly Bu is certainly something that we're going to challenge Bos e COE posting is over.One of one of the plans that we were putting in place was to start meetingactually in new ork, because e there's not really a revival meeting ar search in EurokeAl Thoues, othe churches- that are that you know Lik. He OIV Church, I've Mein, but there's nothing. I H,then, from there go out and and make ourselves available to Olthe people do writn what what what Henry did? Isuppose in a way butit it seems like a good marketing too. You know we're notinterest in you know having stages one er. Webelieve that the power of God will drall people in Yes, and so as we do, that will open. U, youknow oken things up and try and get engagement, othether people in otherparts of the country. Then hopefully other people will gevewhat we've gotten and it will it will. It will start to flourish again and when ID we did Suto Henry's whendid Ho respos. Stop it stop. Iti Wi Eyo go till it's ATI died or ive. You anoter Soin was supposed to beone wekting, so whathyes so Hie, the chapel for one week meeting forty yearslater is still going and and people would come from all overEngland Alou a cottten avails to come to those meetings. The PLAC will be absolutely crammedwith people Yo Real has, but now of God was there. So you knowpeople use turn o yeah. I believethat really is the essence. Ofyou know wewant people to come to the church. We need the power of God. There yeah hewill actually Daw people and he did when Ye Usit on the earth and all ofthe great revivals. You know the wealth revival mviewing. If People People Wuldjust fall down in their houses and...

...priing to God for salvation before the before themeetings even started, you know because people knew Odwoswho was a revival isNSO. You can do. I thin Eina Realy do believe that when you praying fofolkyou cane see there are times when we actually see the Holy Spirit. Iremember praying for, for somebody in Ini see the Holy Spirit like a apor on thiswoman. Risn offer and there's a couple came to another leakin, his STOCKFORD.Actually, this man had been really man ad being delovert from alcohol and Wean. The lady asked is to pray forhim because it was BOT o Etiken in a different difficult time and he waslike prayng for a lumter stone true, but we pai for her and the Paroa cameupon et and it was like a tube of of sparkling like that came upon her, andit was really quite remarkable. I mean things like that. You see, you know,you know you sort o stand amazed, because you know it', not something H,t you're, seeing you know you're, not nothing. That's been ou pacted oranything, it's just a manifestation of of the power of God and really cat markable things. So from that point you know you see people falling out ofthe powd on now some people just Bor em, because it's the thing to do, but youknowand, the par of God, just puts them on the foot and they just can't get up.They just they're, just there and got operates on them and when the get up isdifferent e Wee Guy. In the meeting at fiscit an Ay a few weeks ago, sheculdn't Callin Black, his mom and dad were kind of Grois and he used to comeas a sixteen year old boy to meetings. Okay, Butwe got away Ma, his wife was aAlvationist, but they went away from the lar they didn, you know so. Foryears and years we have nothing to do with the Lord. At all, en back to thehis wife died and Hes felt that Hes, you know he a really wanted to start tosee the Lord and try and get back what I've lost. Yes, you start is t emeetings of Fisketon and for a few months he was really in areal state of repentance and and was really crying before the Lord and I, asJus Pot, O gop, moved upon Him Buthenthe, Lord Really, Second Fleet. Imean knew that the natual part he got the presence of God within his lifewith them. So we now e go around praying and inhe knows that the thepower and the the presence of Godi Didn v Life All the time and feels a lordall the time yeah. The greatest thing for me happen to meis bur a few years go quite faw years ago,probably about eight O. Ten years ago I went to a muting in Petebrogh, a growenvison and, and the Lord really really overpoweredlike. Yes, methat was rm San Fifty one Hurg me with Hissup. Yes, of course,that has alis obviouspointously the whole of the sonaround David Simi behever, but now w t what he was. What happened thenwas? I went into something like eighteen months of real repentance ofreal seat, rearly seeking volve, you know, and it is such an intensity thatI've never had. TECO taught me e, dinactual, Vigen and toldme one of the things. A probably right in the Rey beginning is my accept. Myaccess to me might have changed through Jesus, but the standard is still thesame, holiness unto the Lord Threef. We put them being in me thatmade me realize they can actual fact what had been happening, although I notdone it nowanway. Is it at sort of Hav? You know at least half of ot is not hawhole fot in the world, but and Fotin the Chis, a Mas God was still using me.Ye Maa something fi the way tat so me. So so you set ibout really changing me now,because when I start to speak this, that God has shown me and hen thatreally did skipple things with a lot of people tat. Ga Noetso, so that reallyput Whel I was actually I was actually told,not to come to tenship some cartes because there were to sofap by what alord waswas doing in me. Yes, change over time.

That was actually changed, an people arnow beginning to embrace, but you see those that the see really repentanc and anope peace to revive you.knowivalwe've got compbas Wer, we sanctify ourselves to God, God sacipiseAdvi O is entire O s. How we live, don't live in the way that he wants sto, as he is povieted with this. To do thin. We don't get. The full power ofGod is Esentlyeaheyou, know passing acquaintance, because a the intensityof our relationship with in is it is, is a direct marker as to what CuLouteris when we start Tonesi to people you Kno Ge, was that his relectionship with hisfather w was first and uppermost. Not It wasn't. You know in that respect, he wasn't interestedin anything else. He would even go away from people who had need to go and beon his own with his father and to have that relationship. Renewe and Yevicalize T al of aces. You know Dwe, don't need to do yeah, yeah yeah, your repentance isjust something that doesn't seem to be in the Chuce recamery Matiooas it isn't. It is a very real, is a very real needof Saing wit, fasting and prayer. Yes, you know we really do nee Yoget, you ssie come a o sus faster than PRA, and it Kee Aivanpray. Then we should do it ten times more. You know it Notel, not less, oh,not at all. In some cases. Yes, yes, absolutely! If we want the power of Godin our in our lives and in our meadings and in our day today, relationshipswith people then Co. You know, then what is something weve got to do,because O Hav, your bact, what you know the Great Commission is gon into allthe world and priest Te Gospel, not just the Chivage butthe ges world andpe EO. You Know Yeah to share the Gospel anthose people already know not the people who really need it andhe've got real needs in their lives. so that'sthat we fromactuallyoy a fewweeks after I got say e guy called Doga, o Livs AP in Darington. Yes, and we'vebeen really very closely linked for quite some time, an you bout, teing things together: Itally Alou Liins in the north ofEngland and e Ud have meetin infol, Halatan ande the rippenand and Jus an this sort of area, and I mean we have making weare sixhundred people turn on butremarkable things that me en you know Lordrecealing folk and for we geting saved. You know really really quite remarkable.This set free from mental illness Y. So these things sort of what he he'sactually was very seriousy ill, probably cold came to your church, t wit oahutly. He was. He had Multiple Oran failure and given hours toles, what the I did they wi do was take itdown to the dafty hop compared because they thoughtthe basis of the sectis tepsis was in his stomach and they were going toremove his bow because they thought it would be an black as black could be.Yes word in the meantime, the Lord Id a sedtily Yo know you must go PUK andpray for him and told me what to say, told me what to pray. He actually toldme to clar up his bray and he gave you of on this on this table with a whiteshoes on te room with a Po of pulsating through them to tell the sickness the infection togo from his head and out through his feet. No, no! That might not he strangething to say, but that WAK s Basso. That's why I pray you yeahanbe exactlywhat the low told me when they opened him up the bowl that was supposed to beas black as black was naping al Blockasini Baas therin mov. He wastoking healthy. Yes, now he was Qrat...

...was the last ditch done. You know hewasn't expected to even recover from the operation yeah now the next morninghe started his bifle side started to in Froe, but the Lord was still telling usto pray. We cray he cut Bratin and on the Friday the Lord told us to go sen and inInimpassive pair, and I was te pray for Hem tey has on in a prayfe. Do so that's what we did? Yes and thafterwards is wy second me, but what did you prainit and we paved? He wasunconscious in an inhuse Poma and I wont play for him. Tears, Roun, ing HiFace Nooanythingbut, you see the spiit inhim. His spirit in him responded to this pret of God. That was looked aswas upon in though through the press and to fates. Yes, when we went out.Why said to me? Well, what did you praythem? ICT and I said well. The Lord told me to pray that he would be filledwith this with constraint. Yehesi that time on the doctor started to improve and thedoctor sex O his wife. Well, you know this is remarkable. You don'tunderstand this. He shouldn't be. This shouldn't be happening, but you knowwe're ver great from very thankful that it is but wll be in hospital fort sixmonths, and this will be wrong with him that Bhe wrong with him and what haveyou anyway, sece inte he wer, theleft,hosical tirs go and whilst he's not as he wa aused to be Ecooy. Certainly ye certainly well tes.Go Mar really so in acter. What we call him our Lazarus Yeah athere's, no toaysaout is absolutely nohat Wa. He washedo wt said he would live, but yes, well.Yeah WHAYOFOR is Revibal sente. We we want to see it. We want to. We seeTas Asaltin really for people. Co Come and get ill secy from things that are rbinding, end op. You know like drug addiption and depression and all the lofond of things,but we also want be a Hob for people to go out from and for people to come into so that we can. We can spread theGospel. You know in revival is termd really not just somtite mat people feel nice,but something is really effective because the real thing about the gospelis that t is ebected. T went though Tho places people knew ethat because Thithe word was Confortedi scins following so thatthat is what we tek about to donow, a I saiwe. Don't Jus want to stay inpisitant we want to to go furtherthan that. We would really like to move my sort of desire. I don't know whetherit's from the Lord or not really weust Wai, to see the ised to move into New York and where we can have a larger populationbase. Everybody has to come to ars whill. Youknow we were in you at WED, be able to go to them. You know W Yeahmubatethin,the Lord s moved us in the last for the eighteen months as SAS a Lord as MonEarea righy. We really don't know why, butall we doing is waiting Ar Togo. I some doos. Really, yes, so ther might beenopportunity, your pe pos, to do something. So we w O see but ou. But you know ourview for our vision: Forfisciton is for to increased in in power F, because thepower of God will draw people in, and the Moretoo graw in to get healed andsave an secre they'll go out, and you know what we're Dong, fantastic, yeahatestic it. I inmstry need to have like equipament Ol in Sost of Welvor Li, a AA it work yeah. We just have oout threehousand Botroo and Boi Thet Sti and the PLAC need to be furbishingreally, but amazing. We're staying a hand on that, because we don't knowwhat the future hold from that pint. O Ousso. We don't ve to waste money yeah,but things like the simples. At the moment we seen from poris books. So weIM givin. We don't have a a set number. We can't put numbers upon the board. SoU? What number Wes thinking it be nice... have some? You know some display forthe choruses and OUN system. Yes, the SI. The Lord ismes our Neeo etdown there's not a lot, because I mean theFI onyou ministery for people, a drug edics and thepeople and thing like that way. Ogot any money, yeah Soso there are people in the metis.Obviously you do give and know we support Epor. But you know it's not an easy, not an easything, but the lot you know we needed three Gran for a new borler. We gotthree housand pouns, crazy, yeah, frise cod, its God and wher. Could peoplefind you on the Internet and Hawte Supfort InistrakWherebas? We find you well. We have this wonderful family, donateda website, O Andyeah Adresttis, fisknevival, Sento Doborg, and on there there are n w details about our meetings, whichwe must update, also paid on he for Prairiequest, forpeople who who R, thanks to my coman, for a greatinterview and taking some time autof his day to show thes about Henry and Mikes owne ministry. Sothanks, my F that was fantastic Sharon You'e got some details of singerresurrection. Yes, this Easter is seit to be an Easter, like no other, whereChristians everywhere will not be able to attend churt service on eastern morning and that's got a lot ofpeople down, and this is a massive date in the Christian calendar. Everyonelikes to go and porclain Jesus as risen. So there's a movement called Singresurrection and what they're doing is they're, calling all Christians tostand outside and sing. Jesus Christ is risen to day and thine, be the gloryand that would be at ten am on the twelfth of April Easter Sunday. So youjust go outside in your front garden and your Back Garden and at ten am youbegin to sing Jesus Christ. His risen today and thine be the glory, and thatway we can feel connected, and we can still proclaim to the world that Jesusis alive, Ohman and we're going to sing song an studio or my office really because he lives, I can face tomorrowand it's a wonderful song and it talks about how sweet to hold a new bon baby,a verse to and feel the prime enjoy. You give buht one of my favorite linesin this. One is but greater still the Cammon short assurance. This char canface on certain days because it ives, because we are in well er in acertainly facing oncertain days, ministryes face on certain days. Theydon't know how they're going to Cote. Financially. Most people don't know ifthey're going to have a job in May to go back to or Juno whenever it is, and things are very bad financianeconomically at the moment, but it the love the coursee says because he livesI can face tomorrow because he lives. All fear is gone because I know heholds the future and life is worth a living just because he lives and, ofcourse, we've seen a massive portrise in suicide yea sen earlier yeah, andbecause he lives Alferis Goin, because rig know he holds the future and wefeel saying we don't know what the future holds, but we o e Lo future andwe al Sertaily facin some very uncertain days because he lives withher face tomorrow. Yes, God end his e Urus Becauseweto becausebecause...

Auan nonuse Cuecausocausewell. That brings us tothe end of episode too, to find like Coatman, myself and Jonathan. Here aresome links for you to follow: WW Fiskerton Revival, center dot, Org thatwww do fiskerton revival center doo R G is the site or Mite Cobman's ministry.Also, you can check out the glory people at wwwd, glory, people, Dot, Organd Jonathan. Where can people find you? Well, I'm corntly having a website donefor the talk revival podcast, but you can find me at the moment on Instagramat Jonathan Dog Dot, England, and where can we find you sharan? He says: TRYNOT TO BE TOO coorny. You can find me online at www fisher,England, studioscom Tso, where I share my thoughts in my blog and the art andcrafty and creative things that I have going on. Yes and we'll be back in afew weeks. God willing, with the next episode episode number three so statingfor that, but otherwise maybe blessed and stay safe, stay healthy, BUTREMEMBER ISRA! Yes S! I we forgot Tos, happy eayy.

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