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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Episode 3 - Pastor & Musician John Pickering


Christian News

 Coronona Virus Act 2020

 Decline in Marriage

 RSE programme dropped



 The Healthy Living Corner

 Foraging for Food in May

 Open Air Factor



 Is the Bible wrong when it refers to the Moon in Gen 1 as the lesser light, when we now know it reflects light from the sun, and is it also wrong when it calls the Sun the greater light, because it is not the largest star in space?


Comedy- Ethan and James Theatre of the Mind

 Can God use a Doctor's talent? Ethan decides he needs some marriage counselling.


Our Special Guest John Pickering

 Our guest for this episode is Musician and Pastor John Pickering.


John Pickering has released 7 Albums, written a book, been a teacher, and even created a guitar from a Tennis Racquet!!


We discuss his music, ministry and John's thoughts on Television.


Show Links


Hasland Baptist Church

John Pickering on You Tube



With One Accord Concert, featuring John Pickering,Without Borders and others

Christian Concern's Breakdown of the Coronavirus Act 2020



Theatre of the Mind Script by Bob Snooks

GNTA be ready, prepare for me by God.How do you get ready? You three ways? togeter. First, youmust ea pat of your. So second, you must fa face receive pice,an Wid, Hu, I'm sor. You must be willing to Abe gtogether Gan. We appreciate WerRightbefork, everyone, that's been notin, his pint they're going to go, doto do owe're, not really concerned about these plan of the plan of God increation. His purpose in history of the promise consummation of all things, thee walking up an the Om last, notnecessarily physical appetite, but just their own interest, their own Pursu erown ways. They have. They know what they want to do and they're going touse their time. The way they want to and they're going to do what they wantto do. They're walking up o their own Los Talk Revival, region, highlighting theDISCRITLYFO revinment, those o Yose Uwelcome, to episode three, and thisepisode we're going to be talking about using O r talents. For God, I Peggo Yehusing our talents for God, and I also like to talk about the need for revivalbecause, obviously we're called the talk revival. Radio show Itwen DEB,don't talk bout revival, it wouldn't be a very good na Savat. Yes, you wouldyeah Hou Donitey it Don e fist time, no, don't no and one of the best books.I've ever read on revival is called breath of Heaven Meditations Ar Revivalby Ken to Hovin, and if you have a copy of the book, Ave recommend reading itagain or a Han got to copy a book and try and find it on a Ebay or Amazon, orsomething like that. This is Kentoo ve, not Ken Hovind and Keta Hovin was a internetunallyknowing ovangelist, who preached from Orl the forty years he prests aroundthe world. He was from South Africa, he had a redio ministry and he wrote thisbook on revival an the met Ken back in Ne t in Matlock and remember sitting next tohim in what was pistery Joness House and I said to him: Do you think thatMattlot will see revival? And he said I don't know Isisa, I don't know he saidwhat he really hopes so and of course, Ithink hens died now, but he alike, to read this lide to sharethis. His is from the introduction of the book. HES SAYS IN THE EAR S Iconductan evantalistic campaign an little linconship village in England.It was to be a wardshed experience for me and his tinyunheard Te village werefor sincere farthers, who believe that God was going to Putsa village. Iarrived as a novice of angelist fired up to set the place ablaze with myhandful of sermons. My first disappointment was the chapel. It was abarnlike building in the middle of nowhere caple of seating. Only aboutfifty people to iter, my consternation, I n only the four farmers attendednikly for the first week. As I preached the four people night after night, Ibecame more and more frustrated each evening. The four men invited me tojoin them in the prayer after the service eeing. I declined on the fourthnight. I reluctantly went to pray with them. They or should be into th afomhouse kitchen. Without so much as taking off their coaths fell to theirknees on the coldstone floor, going to pour other horts to God, an prayer. Howare those old, methodis prayed, the reminded God of his covenant and Hispromises? They quoted God's word, they wept and pleaded. I was completely altof my league and he says my heart began to soften atabout midnight. I find MOU SI confessing to God and to these dearchildren of God, may an pride and hardness of heart. My coldness andtendifference began to disappear. Soon. I find myself puring out my heart tocovelent. Keep in God. I will nevr forget how te gathered around me inlove and concern praing for me and asking God to use me through their prayers. Came theconsterectition of Malachi three ten and prove me now an this as a lot ofhost. If I will not open for you the winners of Heaven and pour out you such blessing therethat we're not enough room to receive... and, of course it goes on from thereand it's interesting that he talks aboutcoldness, indifference, disappearing. He pouring out his heart to come andkeeping God and confessing to God his own pride and hardness of half that'swhat we really need to as Christians is so need to have soft hearts. We need todeal with our pride wave to deal with our HARDES OF HEART E to deal withtheir coldness, anddifference indifference to the fact that people are going to hell srom likehundred fifty Hsano a day, statistically Adi, not Mu, all go to hell, Antohundred fifty thousand Dien, and we need to remind ourselves of a versus IMolarchi. Three ten anprove me now in this as a lord of host. If I will notopen for you the winners of Heaven and pour out for you such blessing, thatwill not be in a room to receive it now. Is I forty four three for I will pourwater on him who is thirsty and floods on the dry ground, so eightty? Five?Six? Will you not reviveurs again that your people may rejoice in you and king goes on to talk about the purposeand revival the passenov revival, the people in revival, preparations forrevival and what are the products for revival? And this, of course, is a bigsubject. What I'd like to look at is using our talents? Tfor God, becauseeach and every one of us has a Talien for God. Hit might be plain instrument.He might be preaching in my bewitnessing. He might be doing awebsite. Yit might be doig a Radiosho podcast line E, what they call the giftof Gab ewld, easily tave to be yeah. It might be cleaning toilets, it might beall sorts of things, and most people have a talent that they're not usingthink everybody or has a talent that they should be using, as put in thatway, yeah there's something that some of Yo can be doing and if we all usethatr talents for the Lord, I think we would soon see things start to change.So, yes, revival we'll talk about that. More O future episodes, but yeah yeah. I'd also like to justannounce at the beginning of the our episode three is that Ye have a brandnew website. Yes right Frilay, so you can find a cesy on the Internet and youcan find the shows and all kinds of information of what we have going onall in one place. We have events on there again all the podcasts aroundthere that we've done up to date how to get in touch with us if you needto or want to and a little information about, all ofus involved in top revival radio. So the website is wwwdot talk, revival,radio, DOT, ork, okay today and a little Christian newssegment that we try to include on each episode. I have few things to talkabout. First of all, I would like to invite people to go to Christianconcern. They have a simple breakdown of the Coru Coronavirus Act, twothousand and twenty, which explains the new powers that the act is giving topolice and other government officials and again it would encourage everybodyto go. Read that and understand just what's going on right now. As far asnew laws and new powers given to the government I'll include that link inour show notes, so you can just go to our website good episode, three andthen you'll see the link at the bottom of the screen. Also, I'd like to talk a bit about some otherthings that are in the news right now. One a bit of good news is thegovernment have proposed this program called all about me, which was used byfour hundred and twenty one primary schools across Workshire, and it wasbeing considered by other counties as part of the new RSE guidelines andschools. It was pretty atrocious that taught youngchildren explicit themes about sex and which ere very inappropriate you canfind out again more on Christian concern would ininbit you to go totheir website, but the good news is they've dropped. It they've dropped theprogram right so Yeay, that's wonderful! Also. This isinteresting. This article, it kind of ties in something that ethen and Jameswill be addressing a little bit later on in their comedy, show the latest figures for marriages inEngland and Wales reveald. The number of men and women getting married hasfallen to a new low in two thousand and seventeen. There were a totle of twohundred thirty five thousand nine hundred ten marriages between oppositesex couples and that's a decrease of two point: eight percent from twothousand and sixteen and of forty five...

...percent in the past. Forty five yearsor and only twenty two percent of marriages were in religious ceremonies,were held in religious ceremonies and Thu's the lowest percentage on record,and I think that's really really sad and also an additioner on eighty onepercent of couples that had a religious ceremony cohabited before they gotmarried, which gos supposed to do also sts put Somore substatistically anyway,and I think that's really sad and you know again, you know, I think it's time. Maybe thiswill be something we address in afuture program that the church steps up andstarts really teaching people about the covenant of marriage. You know what itis, what it means, I think onthing, sad and I've seen it amongst my own friendsand relatives is people put so much money and time into the wedding. Youknow they'll live together for years, just to save, to have this amazing,celebrity style wedding, but then they're divorced and like as quick as ayear, because they don't put the money and the time in the effort when Youonneand money, I suppose, but the time and the effort into preparing for themarrage they just prepare for the marriage ceremony, and I know you and Iwe had a very simple wedding. It was excepting to me because it was in veryyeah. Hey you tell me when you had a weddingand before I lan to me, it was like it was just down the road. You Know Ye,but you know we had a really simple wedding,because you know we were committed to each other and committed to God andit's through him that we've made it as far as we've made it. But it's important. I think that we teachyounger people young couples, that you know you need to be investing in yourmarriage and not in the wedding itself. You know if you can afford Tou have agreat wedding, fine, there's no sin in having a fancy celebration, but we needto equally put importance on the marriage itself yeah. Also, I wanted to talk a little bitabout home schooling, because right now, homeschool is hugeon social media you're, seeing all these funny little things, people whoare homeschooling now because everyone's having to educate at home atthe moment, but I'd like to just just say simply that home education orhomeschooling, as I's more commonly called in America, isn't the same thingas this education at home. That people are having to do right now, because,right now, this emergency educating at home, you're, usually followingguidelines given to you by teachers in schools and curriculum by them home schooling, people who home schooland did before the CCRONA virus. COVID nineteen outbreak that's different, because no two home schooling families are like some home schoolers of what we callunschoolers, where they don't have a formal curriculum. They let life betheir teacher pretty much. There are eclectic home schoolers,which I think our family falls more and we take a little bit from the differentcategories and mix it up and come up with our own curriculum. There are people who do do school athome. They have like sometimes a room for education being dined with desksand it just basically looks like a school. There are people who have a classical education where theytend to teach in more of a traditional style which was mainstream in eighteen,hundreds and prior yeah. So it's totally different, and I wantto talk about a little bit because a lot of people now that you know thatare actually liking the fact they're able to educate their kids at home andtheyr thinking well. This might be something I want to do after thepandemic. You know when it's time to send a kids back to school. I'm notsure I want to send my kids back to school. Well in Britain, you can dothat. The laws totally on your side. If you want to withdraw your child andteach them at home, yeah go for it. Don't let anyone talk about of it,because it's perfectly legal, the only thing ifyour child already was in school, you will have to write the school and letthem know that they won't be returning, and I do encourage you to go look atthe law, education, otherwise its a really good resource to find out moreabout the legallys of he schooling in Britain. It does differ between England,Scotland and Wales. The law does differ between them. If you are in America again the lawdifferns between states. So please look at Your Department of Education andResearch, the laws and in other countries as well. Please look intoyour local authority, but I think there as so many benefits. Youknow dude aronome, six per seven neight. I believe it is. You know it talksabout teaching your child from Sun Up to sundown, and you really can't dothat, except in a home, educating environment, and I know that sometimesthings can be tough with hom schooling, because everybody, together all daylong, it can be hard. But if you're someone who thinks you know, I likethis, I, like you, know being involved... my child's education and I like mteaching them myself. I like this Camraderie we have. You know I like that. I can give them more of aChristian based education, where you know nowadays in state run schools allover the world. theyave beembarded with many many anti Christian teachings, and so you know really, you know, considerit. It isn't hard, I think statistics say even N in highereducation. You only really need to do about ninety minutes to an hour, andyou know for two hours three hours, someone like that a day. It's not anall day thing. You Know my children are not educated from eight in the morningtill four o'clock in the afternoon. Most of them have completed all theirlessons by around midday after lunch. So you know it it's it's something I just would reallyencourage people to look more into and understand it. You know it's uniqueteach family, you find what works for you and Therere. Even you might say.Well, you know I'm a single parent and I work you know I'm busy. I don't have time tohome sleeve an thou I'd like to. I don't have time to well understand it.CONFITERAOUND Youe school does not have to be during the day it can be in theafternoon. It can be in the evening. It can be all differentlay, some people,even home school, via umbrella schools, where they do it be the Internet, wherethe child does his lessons with the Tudor on the Internet, so there's so many ways to work it in.If it's something that you know you really want to, do, I thin don't singwhere there's a will there's a way so ad encourage you on our website. Weuhave a form you can fill in. If you are interested in how schoolng you like todo more about it, it's something you would like to do forthe rest of your child's education. Please get in touch with me. I'm reallyhappy to talk to other fom schoolers people, woare interested, I in E, Coysotly Strart Tis Wanning. So we come now to a new future whichwe're calling the healthy living corner. So what's the advice for this episodeAon? Well, I went to talk about foraging April and May is a great monthfor foraging for herbs and natural vegetables in the wild, obviously thats something we can doalong our walk. I Lan to identify different plants and amazingly a lot ofthese free, as I think of setain previous epicedes. A lot of these freevegetables and herbs are packed full of neutrants, which I thinkis reallyimportant right now, when yea we're preparing ourselves to fight off apossible virus and also building our bodies up after along winter. Okay. So when Thein the feature this month is the he humbleDandy Lion, often classified as a weed, a Lov of people go great length to pickit all out of their lawns, ohave a perfect green line and no yellowdannylions. Well, I wun encourage people not to do that because Danny Lions, the roots, theleaves the buds and the flowers are all edible. The roots can be ground up intoa really good coffee, which is a natural diretic. It also helps detalksyour liver Yese's, a good thing. The leaves can be eaten in Salads or theycan be cook like spinach. The flowers also can be used in cakesand Omelets, and even fritters Tanny Line Flower Fritters Womo, the Greens of the Danny Lion, are highand vitamins a C E K B, six Bathi carratine full late, Simon Ribo, Flavon,calcium iron, potassium and manganes Thos, it ton twiste, but I think that'sgood. I want to talk about K, because most people today are very deficientvitamin K, yeah, that's something that in the past, people will get fromeating organ neats, which have greatly gone out of fashion now. So you can'tget enough too much. Fitaman K, very good yeah. It's also good for differentelements of the stomach. Deliver. It's good for treating diabetes, heartproblems, Varas, heart problems, anenia respiratory alments, Tiberculosis,springs, cuts and Sore Eyes, and just o highlight there again. It'd be a reallygood herb to get into your daily intake of vegetables as it's good forrespiratory ailments, which of course we NOCOVIC. Nineteen, though thereisn't proof exactly that it would help covid nineteen as it treats restraailments from various diseases. It would make sense that it would treatCovoi nineteen respiratory symptoms as well right, it's also a rich source of nector andpollen for bees, and we are in somewhat of a, I wouldn't say, exactly a crisis, butin today's Day, because there's so much...

...use of pesticizing in big agriculturebi. You know farming methods. Today, bees are having a hard time. So havingof these course bees, we need them desperately, because otherwise wearen't going to have fruits and vegetables and a lot of the flowers andplants we enjoy are going to die. If we don't have the litle humble honey beeyeah, so keeping Danny Lions in your gardens is a good idea, not just foryourself, but for the bees, as it's a great source of nector and pollen forthem, so don't lead it eat it, yeaht pretty cool. So I didand leavesome for the bees yeah yeah, pretty good. The other thing I'd like to talkabout totay on our healthy living corner is the open air factor the OPEAfind in so lik sor of cryptalpract yeah, not exactly what I want to do is hiwand. Take everyone back over a hundred years ago to nethousand nine hundredand eighteen pandemic of the Spanish flu. Okay. That is something that has been in thenews a lot lately, because they're, comparing the covid nineteen pandemicto of the Spanish flu yeah well, thereis evidence strong evidence thatsunshine and fresh air made all the difference in recovery during theSpanish influendza on Housand, nine hundred and eighten, when contrastingcare in the hospitals, the traditional rick and warder hospitals to that ofthe emergency. Tented hospitals, for instance, at Camp Brooks an open airhospital in Boston Massachusetts. It was comprised of forty five nurses andaides, fifteen doctors, twenty sanitary coreman and seventy four orderlies andout of all those people, only six nurses and two orderlis developedinfluenza because it was out in the open air or it could have been the son's UVradiation which helped because the sons Ouv radiation is Walln is a well knowninactivator of viruses. It could also have been the vitamin D created by thesin which, as we know today, influenza is also known as vitamin DEDEFICIENCY,because, if you're having a diet, high and vitamin D, The chances of yougetting sick from influenc or even the common cold is very, very slim yeah or it could have been something calledthe open air factor open ar act. Florence Nightingale was one of thefirst people to notice the effect on recovery of her patients by providingfresh air and Sunshine Ogo. This would have been back crimia wartime, but sheshe rode about it. She documented it Mae, yeah and like covid. Nineteenvictims of the Spanish flue did not die up the fluand. I want to make thatclear. I think there's a lot of misinformation again fear Mongrin,going on that all we're going to die of covid nineteen. You do not die of covidnineteen. You do not die of the flu. What you die of are the complicationsbrought on by these viruses in if you were a vulnerable person, so whatpeople are actually dying of is pneumonia or another complication,normally, respiratory yea, that is brought on by Covid nineteen, so doctors began. The doctors in theten hospitals began to see the positive effects of open air therapy, but theyalso noticed a decline inpatiente who had poor ventilation back in ADninetuneren eighteen. They saw that men who were all crammed together in theships the sailors yeah men in the army were crammed together at Barracksuposed to be doing mow. Yes, they were dropping like flies yeah. They weredying and they were seeing. Is these NASS amounts of people, impor,teelation, vetilated conditions, dying, horribly and also people in poorareas, because course path an there? Were these the houses all crammed togetherin places like New York? Also, London, where people di not have a lot ofventilation, they were crave too many people to a room or to a house yeah,and it was those kind of people. Thet were really getting sick and dying so what they did as he started, usingsomething they called open air therapy and they began using it andrecommending it to all hospitals, and they found that this reduced deathsfrom forty percent to only thirteen percent custon mar centrol massive drop.Inne t s pass forward. Yea the Ministry of Defense. Scientists proved thatfresh air is a natural disinfectant, something in it is harmful to airbornebacteria and they dube this. The open air factor lk and it is effective bothday yet night right. So they also found...

...that it wasn't just these field,hospitals that it worked in the ten hospitals set up yeah, but they foundthat in actual hospitals. If the hospital was made open an area if ithad tall ceilings, not too many people came to a room, nice large, open wardsand they could have the doors and the windows flung open that it had just asmuch of effect on the patients yeah so hits. History teaches us. Tenhospitals might just be our best deffense against future panemics andpossibly from pandemic right now. One thing that concerns me as someone whogrew up around medicine, because mygrandparents were pharmacists and a great grandfather was a hart doctor ofsyphysician iparnou. He pineered some sort of surgery. Don't ask me what todo with Hart, but I think it was something that they do still use todayand Y UART surgery. So he was a heart surgeon. I have other relatives whowere general practitioners, nurses. So you know I remember. My sister wastraining as a nurse. She would just come home and around the table wherewe're trying to eat, to talk about something you should like. Take youblook pressure. Lo Yei think she did heeven taught me how to give aninjection Ito an orange but yeah. So you know growing up like this.You know, I know a little bit, maybe more than your average, jo about yeahmedicine, and you know- and I think most people say you want to get out inthe freshair and Sunshine Hen, you're, sick and it's important, especiallyafter winter, and that's one of the reasons why, in winner, viruses aremore prevalent because we're stuck inside we're not getting much Sunshie,because the clouds and the you know the heavy cloud coverage and it's cold andyour body's just worn down yeah. So what conserves me right now has thisidea that we all sust stay shut up and inside? I personally don't like that. Idon't think it's a good advice. Obviously, I'm not encouraging anyoneto break the law, but I think that you know I would. I would think thegovernment needs to reconsider this because right now you're havingbeautiful sunshine yeah, it's warm. You know the flowers are blooming. Theleaves are popping out yeah. I think right now it's important that peopleget out into the fresh air and sunshine. So at the moment I would take everyavailable opportunity to do that, whether you spend a couple hoursgardening. Maybe you decide to grow your own vegetable O, lay out in thesun. Stick a LAN chair out there I'll say a chase lounge, but I know youalways shit on Shas Wat, but you know you want to be outside and Iwould I don't know if anyone from thegovernment would be listening to this at all. But if they are, I would askyou to please reconsider the advice you're giving I can understand, maybewhy you would have places of confinement like restaurants, pubs, grocery stores, supermarkets. You mighthave social, distancing or even close those places, but I think we need tothink about the people getting out into the parks. Let's go swimming like go inthe wild. You know the what they call wild swimming, where we'd go into thelakes and the creeks and the streams and everything let's get out boatingfishing hiking horse riding play tennis, because you can do allthose things ar still Bei stil be very veruzy yeah, because I think youusually are. When we go out into the country side, we aren't cramm togetherwith other people. You know you want to be with your family group. You want tobe distant. You want to have your own private place where you're enjoyingcreation, so you know, exercise sunshine, fresh air,I think more than ever those things were vital because we are living in aday and age where most people are seditary and they don't they don't movearound. You know they're stuck in in office all day of the computer and theycome home and they'r step watching TV all evening, because they're too tiredto do anything else. Yeah, kids, tracped in the schools, a thi sometime,somers long ate to ten hours a day. You know we need to get out if we want tobe healthy. We need to be out there exercising and soaking up the sun,because that sun type of usmosis takes place on our skinand the sun develops a vitamind three, which then combine with oir. Sweat isabsorbed into our system and that boosts our amune system that we canfight off, potentially deadly bacterias and viruses tha are'n airborne, and Ithink you know, as they found out this open air factor- affects airbornebacteria and harmful airporne viruses, which the amtuensa is at terreborn yeahwee all so identified that covid nineteen is a Erborn and they've, alsoidentput its aerosault. So, like you, spray hair spray and all thout dophletsfly out, that's what they have identify: Covid, nineteennineteen, guys and it'llhang in the air fesse, because those Molkis ax the yeah sostill hangthere.So this idea even two meyears apart. I...

...question that because they're going tohang in the air for ten fifteen minutes, so you're two meters behind someone inthe grocery store you're, going to walk right through where they just sneezed.And I don't. I just think this isn't being handled, maybe the best way youknow. So please please, if you are listeningright now and you are an any kind of government authority, please know ifyou're, an MP or, if you're, somewhere else in the world,in a position like an America senator or something think about this, andplease reconsider a lot of these lockdaln measures that are beingapplied and if you are just one of our regular listeners, please get outside.Take advantage of your exercise. Time go cycling, go swimming, go hiking, go horse, riding have a you know, eatoutside, get yourself on you picnic table and have your lunch in your yourdinner outside on these beautiful sunny days that we're having yeh so so don'tbreak the lowl bill. Get TOA. I gut out is m yes as much as you lea we can andand though they say, they only want you to do one form of exercise. Once a day.There isn't a time limit specified on that they've, given things that theysuggest so do as much as you can. You know, and also there's no limit to how oftenyou can be in your garden, yeah, so te out in your garden as much as youcan on nice days, make sure you're having air circulating throug yourhouse to kind of blow the COB webs out of it. So to speak, you KKEEP your windows open and justget as much of that beautiful sunshine of fresh air, as you can and the bestthing about tol he's free. It is free e and I think it's wonderful, sometimes,and one of the things that attracts me to being an herbalist is the amazing healing properties and theeveryday things that God has created. You know we've just looked at the Dannylion and it was like. Oh, the Danny land. Oh, I can't stand daily lizs you.Let's all pay you ten to pay the kids ten pounds if the'll go around and leadevery Danny Line. Yeah Yeat Dan Lions are poted medicine yeah, and then wefind out in one thouand, nine hudred and sixty that the air is a naturaldisinfective. In its anti viral it will kill. Five Sunshine will kill viruses.Ye So see, God created these things is this earth and we were originallycreated to live for ever and though, of course, we can't do that now, exceptthrough the blood of Jesus yeah, there is still damaged form of those things in place.You know like we cut ourselves, it'll still heal, yeah and and like so these. These healingthings, these things God put in the Earth to help us to live long. Healthylives are still there. They may not be as potent as they were before the fall,but they're still there and we need to be using them and learn about them, andI think onething you often say is the Oly. Forars is backwards. Yes, the wayfals is BACKWASD, Ford, yeah and I think in a lot of ways. That'strue. You know I'm not antitechnology completely. I think we've taken sometechnology way too far, yeah, but I think you'v, the idea of tenhospitals. I know one of my kind of dreams whether I would ever achievethis or not- is to have an old fashioned hospital where people come toheal, mentally and physically through the the power of herbs and goodnutrition and fresher in Suntime, where people can come and part of theirtherapi is to go garden, is to take care of a flock of chickens. Yeah is tto just sit in a beautiful cottage garden and smell the flowers and fieland warmths of the sunshine and let the butterflies flutter around yeah. Thatis so healing, and God made all this to help us. So maybe we need to thinkabout hospitals like that again: Ten hospitals, open air hospitals,hospitals that are big enough that air can circulate through. You know forpeople who are recovering yeah, okay. Moving on Jonathan, we have aquestion for you. Okay, is the Bible wrong when it refers to the Moon inGenesis? One is the lesser light. When we now know it reflects light from thesun, and is it also Rong when it calls the son the greater light, because itis not the largest star in space? Okay, well fhiscal? That is a good question, because some people can re gain thisone and Ye can dismiss the Entin Bible just because they don't agree withJesyacto one nitting Solo E rewithless through the rest of the way, in fact,is genesis, a revelation that mostly under attack today. So it is importantthat we know Ansrus to questions like these and, first of all, the herew turnes translated. Light in the passage is flexible enough to include lightreflectors such as the mean and the planets, and, as you say, critics havecharge at Gan, Thi, undred and sixteen is 'm true, because the son is not thelargest star on space and the moon also produces no like to its homen Wat. Thefact that the moon, which is a...

...reflector and Ha Sun, which is far frombeing the largely start, an Nin two great lives, he's very much consistentwith the language of appearance of the vible users throughout. If I we usethat same language today, we talk about the sunrising and the sortof settingand, of course, we know that we know which way the PLA suroldnowadays so tgroing with Houston the language of appearance. The Hebrew worddisplexen Nof to include line reflector shit is the moon, and you know God communicates with many Toms that couldthey canon could understand, yeah and e God. That can't do that, of course,will be very limited. So, from a human perspective, the only Lige, the trulydominee Snow Sky Es, in fact, the nearby moon, which e gots o lightand telight the dumnates of the day sky is so, which is the greater line to usea language of appearance. Not Something in nee. To worry about. Is Christiansbut is good to. We know the answer: Ter Good. Okay in this episode we're talkingabout using our talents for God, and can God use the doctors tavens while wego nere to Ethan James theatr of the mind where eath and decides he needssome marriage, counseling we're back folks, oh no row the entro many couples aren't getting marriedtoday because of the high rate of divorce in the world. But what if theywent to this doctor, hello, hello well looks like Yo bise here, Iguess I'll just figure a night, then hi you must be bom. I didn't tell you Iwas coming. How did you know my your wife just lekt about five minutes ago?She described you to a Te. My name is Dogo Yeah. Well, I have a thing Oro twoto save on her too good have a seet. It didn't mean. Now I don't have anappointment. Your Wife said you were coming yeah. I know it was short notice.Let me know when you have an opening shea, an appointment for you. Yes, she said you' probably come duringyour lunch shower. So I put you on my calengar. Have a sleet. I don't knowI'm pretty busy. This won't take long, listen thanks anyway, I'm just notprepared to spend two years in Taraty bechause will only take five minutes. IMINUTES. Your wife brought me up tospeed on what's going on in your marriage. So did she tell you about howshe nags me? Yes, she did. She did yes have a sreet. We all right, but I'll tell you right up front. Theonly reason I came here was to go through the motions. As far as I'mconcerned, the marriage is dead. Yes, she told me you'd Sey that D. Yes, I guess sal we have to work outas your EGS of strengcy my exict strategy. Guess you mean you're notgoing to try to talk me out of leaving her? Oh No, like I said your wife madeit very clear that as far as you're concerned, the marriage is dead. That'sright! It's dead! Why fight it exactly? So? What exactly did you have in mindfor my exit, Stranegy? Well, in light of the fact that sheknaves you all the time, it's likely that when you get to divorce court, thebattl could get really ugy. Oh, I never felgt of that you should she could shecould take you to the coeeners? Oh, she wouldn't do that she's, notlike that she's a nice person. So maybe you like to weconsider no she's a Nag.This marriage is history. Then you need an exiit strategy to minimize thedamage. Tell me more well for damage. Controllegat strategy usually involvesa thirty day close out period thrtee days. Yes, are you willing to hang in there foranother month in order to minimize the damage yeah? What the heck after tenyears? What's another mom good now in order to come out of this age ofstrategy clean, you must stick to the...

...plan for the entire thirty days by theway. Just how much is this exit stranegy going to cost me? Do you thinkI'm going to collect the fee for damage control? The thought crossed my mind. No there's no fee, because the damagecontrol is not applied to your marriage from outside. It supplied from withinit's something you do I'm listening. Well, the BRASIC preness of the exitstrategy is to hynomize the complaints in order to minimize your costs indivorce court. The best defence is a good offense, good premise. How do I do that? Youillsteal her thunder for the next thirty days. You don't give your wife anythingto Nag you about. If you usually Nayo about taking out the garbage, take outa garbage before she asks you. If you usually Nav you about cleaning out thegarage playout the gralage before she asks you. Oh I get it for the nextthiry days, I'm the perfect husband, or than that you treat her like a queenlike a queen like a Queen, opened a corridor for her by her bouquet offlowers. For no reason, riter, love, note and slip it into her purse. Takeher off for dinner and a lesenly walk on the beach whisker way on a spur othe moment we can get away. Just the two of you. Oh, I see and when we'rewatching TV I'll let her have the remote now you're thinking damage control.Then after thirty days I'll pull the PUN, she will have a single thing tocomplain about. She'll, be sorry. She Nagg me all these years. I think you'vegot a real handle on the EGIT strategy. Go to it. Thanks dock no' report backto me in thirty days to let me know what Ho Raceos trensy work. Oh sure, thirty days later, hi duf Zoba, it's been thirty days. Howdid you daage control? STRATEG? You Go Ho Great. I stuck with the Pan exactlyas you laid it out, so she stopped magging, not one single complaint. Itreated her like a queen like a queen like a queen. This, like you said Ieven made up some royal touches that you didn't even mention. I had her inthe palm of my hand and then you pulled the plug right. pull the plug. You meandivorce. Yes, don't be silly he's a queen. Why would I go to devoice aQueen, interesting egg of strategy? Nobodyever EIT is is evensaying thanks for listeninggoodbye and we hope to see you again. Folks Jscrit was by Moss and scrith frominsot Y Othis is ee. Sae By this has been a king's cross, studiosproduction Al You Cano, Ma fe out of me, or you kind of make a Mokey out of me. Don't e well a Chool, they al Athey said it wasa Verybesoli shobut. Now I know it' just I B for you can O and you canot ete see the Uman Ras. If we call US different size, I diechas tat. I really can believe we came from me and you Gotoh you cwell. I DontEfndout...

Ouwel A. I believe this is the Onlye Tis and Jesus is Elo. PSO YOU T of Youwell,I an you. Oh you Canowell Ian, you gotthat wasthe Great John Picking. You cannot make a monkey out of me from his albumterrar strom talk revival, radio caught up with John on the phone recently, andI asked him how he came to write the Book Street Fighting Man. I A become a Christian like committingmyself very, very undre, percente yeah, and really felt that I wanted to sman people tha culd about Messag. Yes,andsobasically became a streakinangeisn after that came al sorts of experiencesand o different side of life. Yeah Besidei tbasicly put those experiencesinto a small book that was very fortunate. Ut Yeah Ubdidn't want to useit yeshyeah. Okay, S A and inthe o the story, an I to EA, fotmoreReligans, I think, and all sorts of eventures that you you got alk to what appreciate some of the things in thebook with the audience. Well, it's basically just theadvantures you have when you Preakh Yit out Om the street and yeah you knowsorof in those days in Chepte is a verylively scene. I don't know what it's like now, but it was yeah yeahpice, sometimes einvolve, Ng cin things down and they accuse me oftrying to you know pousibly to the piece- and I said: Well: It's not misCosin Brig Te Pesa, I'm just yeah eyeah Ri Yeahausei. It was a very excitin thetime and I never did get actually arrested. BuYeah, it was a bigit, was a boss and there were people with SOS terribleproblems. You know there were people who was totally addicted to dream. YeahC on Thtet took one gir to the hospital yeah because she was so ill. Yeah, tit's,jus, quite aptol sort of triction things it. It was a very interestingand I thought yeah EAD tyeahhow many albums. Have youreleased total? You say well, thank you MI Missevon, but onesat Christmas, yeah, ofsright, Salbum, right itook onto markit,because the recordit we actually love lit down by a Stedieo ther as very poolquality yeahou the moment, including the Christmas one. Okay was the firstone that you recorded well, the first recording I was anebrecord just to testthe water yeah gain. I couldn't get anybody any Christian, recording labels, thegame, Justin the suns, I think e, quite different, reallyty they're, notworship, somtings and Yeah Isa strange market, but I was Gettingomy songs everywhere Awan. When I did small comset. So I tried I did a littleEP witfour songs on Yeah Nejustpop, oey, uicky yeah. I remember asking my Dad Atas GoodIdeiso El, be bes quickly, so yeah Weido, Father's family, yeah, jusvocals, casethe guitar and base yeah...

...that went that was anit. That was anactual record, a vinal recor yeah yeah vey. Well, I look o a the vinals illcome back again is itsift Basomyeah people wanto the songs and O cos. Norecording label seem very interested and, in the end, the game o with thatanyway, because I dont is Ollassisis no yeah. I just investe m money in a good studio,yeah and thene reproducing the CD. For instance. You know okay and then themoney always come back. You know that's Al. I aim for is just to recall themoney and then making you Albor Butt. Now my mark is really dried up. I don'tknow how Yeahi've stopped doing the recording, but I'm still watching songs,but I'm not doing much with them. You know right, inencs Ben, you think Verte. Well, I love gitar bands. You Know Av.I lost interesting pop music when his O, the techno stuff Camin and as somwerejust tadting, that best to Ting on a synthesizeit so base. I was listeing to candy lastnight and I thought yeah really like that base and guitars and drums right, but Ialso influenced by Besoto, come tempt o Sov thet was after the Tim, Idel andDoniven was a beginfrencon yeah ther're, even sort of people getting in theCHARC wo just W Giar. You know and Yeh tolke different in those days from nowright. I production. I always liked the idea of been out to perform with just aGITAR. You know and yeah. My album ive had on bas and things putonjust to Git e Lika bit more production. wigin now right, like Basiy,like Anythingi, wouldn't go really happy at to et USU screaming to Moamis,and I'm not interested Bo Yeah Ustjust, Nice Ono cars, yeah, yeah and SOF Hes, so infue inministery,Duitof Tho Adopt Tet, I preaching style, or was it sort of sor? You hear fromTha Heart really what what? When you out preaching what sort ofyyeah I kin ofgot influenced in the way Ipresento the Gospel, you know making an appeal, an things yeah and I realizeyou know that's not particularly bibliccal. We Yoon see making appeals,you know to comtrol and things and if we actually have puzzle O Aything, butit works. O nowyeahone of my great heros with a chap called out theBlessin, Oh yeahaidhis life, thisappit, O me Seli, say that sopriveI love the MANIMA him a couple. Timesyeah abut. They just showed methat you know you can have your idols and make sometimes for we can call yousyes, yes, thebeespecialy in America, Eangenogrightmjusjusgimai Othe,missionry, yeah, very challengi by his miisty yeah andCE dream, yeahmuireally milit way of living, the Christian FAC, Yeah Yeah.I've got quite a feel here. John Wash was you know, an historical hero, MinYeahyeahyeah yeah. What do you think it hi best song,you've ever written Nwo? Why that we you thing when you think about whenyour written in your own opinion, we so Ol, imagine which obviouslypeople think Guna Goun en when e thinimigin you S. Jesus... they ail Toif, you had seein Yi. Do it ma. Youwd have love myjesus,aemagine Yousee, the soulmagine Oujesus, as they pagenosmyouavseee Plasdo. Yoube. You Ave, love y Jesus. No, when the Dogif you I see Ydo, you tink you Lov Esus, O Jusweli, so jous Emaif, you o really everybody talks about. This issomen Tha wrot about the different denominations othing to happen. Oh yeah, yeah, iamusing, Yesso FROTEAFEL TATdenominations doetin away. Sometimes it should be all waming. Lord W will beRey marching into heaven. But you know I've got lots of songs that I love I'play. I'm putting one song on every week, ind my facebook h t PAS because, with theCO church being closed down, I do yeah message: Everyday Ngyeah, hha' Owyeah, some of the suns, a laying iyou Knowiwrot yourself, but I like it yeah yeah, yeah, Theey, Acki Guitar. What was the story about that? ThePEFETON yeut and BBE Thinkei it's as much a part of British summer asSunburn, sancastles sand weekends in scagnes. We may not have produced achampion again but sow pleasingly eccentric players never fail toentertain on the center court. One is not quite the form I was expecting infact I' haw press to call it tennis at all, but nevertheless a teacher fromchesterfielld John Pickering has in fact turned a racket into a musicalinstrument Jon. The first question I've got to ask is why well like many otherkids, when I was a child, I used to strum a tennis racket Ong to the radioand play long with the songs and one day I thought it ode great to actuallymake a tennis racker that actually play quite incredible job, but how on earthdid you manage to put this together and how long did it take you? Well I boltedan old guitar nack onto the racket.

Fasten the strings just on the end ofhere fix the bridge and put a electric guitar pickup on and then Strongli Top,and it took me one evening. Well, it's very impressive, John, but the bigquestion, I'm sure everybody wants answer is as it actually play. Itcertainly does play. I won't make an instrument that didn't play and I'veactually written a song specifically for this. You Leed tennys TrackatNetail marvlous. Well, I think it's about time that we heard that John. Sotake it away. Well, I cant PLA Tenis, I'm no good aspon, but I play with my righthead outside of the foor. It won't make merich know I won't make am back in, but I'm having a Bo. When I way my tennisRighe I'll, never be a sup star, Downn Wimbl go when I ba my rugkid. Well, itreally is much fall. I always seem to live my ball every time I wi it e. SoI'll. Stick to my hand, music. I MYTI is re. What woith Queens on the way Wimbledonaround the corner? Tennis Feter is gripping the nation, but one land hastaken things just a little bit surten by playing for playing tellis he'splaying his tennis racket, Jon Pickering from Chessfieldas turn aracket into an electric Guitar Ande as Youare here Beciuse Im id o co he'seven red his own song, R Y Noyeah. I I've always known. You know that youcan make it. You can make an instrument out to eveything really, but it wasjust a bit doform yeah ause. When I was a kid, my friends and I used to just pretendtes a get a Teiso I can pretendit was Eah ar Adone Day. I thought it was reallyfunny if I could put six trings on Ta Tennis, Rack Her kiny HILP and putelectdrink Apicoriheyeah a Itou. You know Y Mget, Mbete publicity and youknow Asan sent te piture of it to look nor firstof all, yes, Andthera Plani o look north, which was a really goodproduction. They did it. I te Chemitcal Yeah Omvtand, then I was asked to go on theone show as well: okay, right, yeah, yeahtelmy, friends, the sone, neverstart ineyeahused, you knowso yeah. Obviously, it's good onbut! That's I'vegot a beautiful guitar that cost a lots of money Bo the Telis Rackis the Rinstruments that got me on the TV. How many guitars do you have and if youcould just pick one which one will it be, why you think wellfom e Omdownsizeing with eachother the moment, but I do like to have I've- got my old guitar that had with a boy which was ahalfener yeah whis it Ofe Semit riginally, just in a cosete guitar was the sameOnder Johnny Cashtar play when it was in the army in in Germany. Right, that's, that's one. I've never sawwellthats. I one made Bicomi calld louder in Norben island yeah. That is abeautiful itument, that everybody says how nice that sounds: Yeaha twelvestringr and o the Electric Guitar. So just desquibestrit. I A like. I made a resonate to guitar out of an old guitar. That'snice to play wit the slige get up. I'm Goni've got rid of quite a few. Youcars in recently ad one of those mactal ones. You know resonatod that was on crome. You knowyeah year like die, Strai, so alot astrone, yeah, Yeahg, thingsnd's it. SoI've decided I'm only one. One hard toles bitoorsel got one yeah wel a usefull, my Bookins, my offn Iget eyeah en I've got a coupl of Madins and Abangi and a uclay, oh re, Godyeah,napn, dver,...

...yeah, xen, excellent, andthe songs areremember from the comit hat. This has been to is thevival from Albu TerrisRalty. It was and he pout ee vibiu television. What canspire you to writethose songs? You say so: thesomevialtelevision yeah, yeah, yeah,whats, inspreation, O Wahngepvbut Ido, realize that we can't expect. I don'treally expect God to Mul yeahmor television Speay more time, watching televisionand praying yeah slutelyh yeah yeah, and I feel that perhaps emchristianworld has been. You know, weekand by constantly being entertained. ND yeahso.I think the television influences Baditat Bas, the culture yeahrealizehatheythincm; U Thyeaho, th, V, othe people, AF fsociy, now yeah I've,Heardcu, jus Pu, something on ther S, Yeah Peo, Jus Acceptd, that's thenormal Beavia people. You know yeah! So I realize the TV was a problem. Hereo Thinki Watch TV, but I don'twatch much TVs compared to what used toiin these days. Yeah bacally co, yeah, Complete Rober, Yeahyeah Yeah Yeah Fon. Will you wanthe window vettunderstand you Anat Athe Haetut, the LIBORS ARSO, so ajeus Wa Yoyou, don't even o you a Otheyouaouadsosthe, a therap songfrom Tara trow that as s a very memorable one, what was certainy iprassin behind thatwas it for to Ha to remember the book for the Bible or what was it supposed t Yeaha, O rember ebooks of the bi, couldnever do it. Yeah Itwas, a particular... o Inn del to memorize, longpoims, and no biblical references and yeah the books of the Bible in Ord andeverything and I feut yeah. I've never had that kind of mind. Although I canremember lyrics of songs, you know alol O unders of sons in Maa yeah. BasicallyI thought just I just looke at the content, page of the Bible, and so canI put this together in a way that would be rhythmical and yeah. Obviously rhyming and things and- and Iactually have learned top Amaccans repeat the part- looks o the Vibal. Now,if I do, the song yes tell got fin. If you ask me to find you know the book oYo, O IIR or whatever everyboy else, eahwe used to learn the Bible a lotmore than modern Chrisian iing Andi thik yeah. If you don't know your Bablwell, you can be told anything. Any creatur, anyou think. Oh, that's rightand then Youl go to the botom find out. Yo know it's not lilycal yeah! I don'ttry to promote the Bible. If the word of God butyeahe you Knowyeah, yeah, Giveso, mny, AAy, free, yeah, Bie, don't be idl it'll make you ha menot suisil. When Your Bible is well used, you know the devil is not amuse.It's great ther's, no other! The sixty six books between you cover to listenwell, while SAV them brothers, with e Genuss, o d to M Justyou, a Judus Routho Saelt book ofFi. I see chronicles Anane O my joinso proberb Echesiasiti than the Sooy IHE'sgood fortext levitations. To make you CRI becomes O wheel. I skyinthelionTaover Boun Tewal Irne Tel Sepher, a malain fom e heaven a whenthat o Poripia Ulations, O EsonPhilippiaolonaotonon veereolion Adayveryayou Onthe Waye, when you ttan Ive Noki that you WulDong, some videos on Youtube, duing,...

...the CAVID nnneteen lock down. How areyou the people you churce kaping during the con crisis? So how it I was it oo, I'm not very good with you know: SuchaTechnology and the the Internet and everything brought the Creasura RoyHesan, trying to put stuff together on Sunday morning. Yeah people send thimprayers and we ill put. You know: Production Numberof USWORSHIP Song on you. Don' yeah. The only thing I'm doing is just the five minute: Basicaly five orsix minutes te song and a short message more like thought for the day reallyyeah, that's my contribution and I found out that that's what he does for the Church andthen I pum that unto faceball yeah. I get hundreds ves and also es Om oecomments about the song. The message Ano Yeahso. I O up a new thing, and allthat we do is my wife records me singing just using the phone. You knowand yeah, I'm quite happy with the sound actually n Egding equiet Cyeah. He qualitgt fromjust a Goodoli is incredible. Ou Know Es. I sers his purpose, because I can'tdo anything complicated. I just want to sit down play. The song yea give us teYeah justedone thing for me now, realizing that people do enjoy yeah O owancomnmyeah okays Wao get outthereas. Well, you know US becoming a pastor. Thathappen justhechurch is has one baptist. Church againit was closing down because it's agun down to just a handful of old people yeah and theyblesh them don everything they cood to try and Geep the church open, and itwas just not working and a friend came round one man sa Thav, you heard tha asone Baptis is closing, and that was my child of church. My parents bought lotof time into it. Yeait can't Glo, you know it's not Rogh for tecro yeah and I did actually do with a research if,as anybody you know, wol take over and I cun find anybody, and in the end I decided to God as callingand by Co incidence. We just moved back into Haslin yeah, Witin, walking,distance of the church and right everything fited to God, retires fromteaching, yes, and also I just felt right to do it and ISS. Ithink Ms June is five years since we relaunched the church and it's doingquite well. I mean it is the first time itsister this Hava cost. Even worldwar chilling stump it yeah yeah, it's realy strange a we just got itgoing up to a viable number and quit rery. Well, yeah IAND, I'm Justyou,know Esogyeah fedpeople return to the Foong Hola different chies, yeah e, Okeepin te ot Om, going yeah, yeah and finally were. Could people find you oryou church only im into it? Chuchwebsite yeah, again, treasuring Roy is organized yeah. It probabsly you out to have a lookotiio. If you can help usitit yeah ite yeah meof, the Ethe ssdnwbsite Yeah Nhigh Book Yeah, I did have a website ihtacebook publisizeanthingmoing right,okay, Andyeah and you know. Basically, if you look up, has one Baptist Church,yeah yeah. I think it's M, don't know what it Ianmbe I'll find that Il find aLe An I put in the show note for you, Yeah Yeah Yeah. At the moment I meani've enjoynedthe break in a sense because jus ust now I've got no appointments; yeah, no,no MAIS, nothing! I just know. Tha. Every day I get all yeah,...

...yeahtheruls, Rigt, Buti'm Ben, doing upan old moltorback, and I just GOI running today and roll around thegarden on it all right: Iwhat kind of Motacki, O Isan Old Royl, Amfield, Orusae POR CC, yeah Itas, a real rosbook, igaeverything cleaned up an onseazedand Yeahatmo woake. That's been a really wonderful thing to do: Yeah S, ealyetme, occupiedposbite, gardening,andb, O playng, the Guitaran reading yeah, and what you wo bike from S, onethousand nine hundred and sixty one. I think right right, waifor, the loocomeback from dva Yeah Ididn't Gelovb, th, itandi'm, hopingthey're going to help it's going to be straightforward, that it can. Let mehave the original registration, UN befor yeah. I think H, yeah yeah, yeah AprecatyouTime Realy do eahbles youthank you bybye by Wats actally don for a greak interview.That brings us to the end evsode three coule er next FOT, three already rightshow links hasn't Baptist Church that John's thepast trog you can find at Husland Baptist docod at UK thats huslen speltphs Land Baptist in a normal WAYCO. o UK must a going to put in the show,links and linked where you can find jomp picking, songs on Youtube. Also,the facebook page link for Hasan Baptist Church wats going to put thewith one to call concert link where John Picring Without Borders, GarySonya and the cells played and back in two thousand ND nineteen ose back intwo thousand and nineteen thanks also to Bob snops for the script.For the feature the mind this week, thet thanks, FOT BOB and Sharon. Oh yes, we have a new website O. WE,yes, we do it's just been finished this week and that is www. Do Top crevivalradio DOT ORG work? Okay. Also, I want to remind people that ifyou feel you can, I know finances are tight for most people right now, so wearen't begging for money, but if you feel you can- and you would like tosupport US- you can support us on patron. The link and all the information youneed is on our website so again, Dwwtoprevibale radiodwork and we're going to leave you now in thecapable hands of John Pickring, with his song called Street Bat. So Ye time, fots, I'm standing here on the corner of thestreet, giving my message to the Peopli I want to give my Messi to you. I wantto tell you: Jesus is true: Jesus Real Jesus, King Jesus, Lord I'F, anempering thing: jeus is real Jesus King Jesus, Lord of a Heverin thing K, ass, esus, e's, the best Yuisjesus es the best some people sayJesus dead, but I didn't listen to a word. They said. I know Jesus he'salive and well Livin. In me, bat. I can tell he's just real Jesus King Jes esLord Im. Every Tin Jenus is real Jesus King Tesus, Lord I Devrin Tin, Jas youisiof Jesus e's, the Bestas you piss. I love Jesus, he's the Best Wut en sosorry for this generation, don't know nothing about selation. Can She thro? Iwish they could taste and see that the Lord is a taste and see that the law isGoin. I said taste and see that the Lord is good. Jes Real Tus ISE S is esthebesis. You pisi Ov Jesus he'sthe best.

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