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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Episode 5 - Guest Marianne Schecklman, Artist, Naturalist and Board Member of the Design Science Association



Are Christians really Narrow Minded, Judgemental and Biased?

Comedy- Ethan and James Theatre of the Mind

We take another trip to the "Theatre of the Mind" where Ethan has been busy doing some building!

Our Special Guest - Marianne Schecklman

​Naturalist, wildlife artist and photographer Marianne is also known her work with Creation Encounter, The Design Science Association, the Creation Explorers Movie and as the former co host of the Creation Today show. Sharon spoke to her on the phone at her home in Oregon.

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Our guest next episode is Stuart Bell who is currently the Senior Pastor of the Alive Church in Lincoln, England. Stuart is well known for the Grapevine Festival started in the early 1980's which recently became The One Event, normally held annually at the Lincolnshire Show ground. He was also the driving force behind The Ground Level Network of Churches and a pioneer of Jesus Music/CCM in the 1970's with the Christian Band “The Advocates”.

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Theatre of the Mind Script by Bob Snooks

Wenta be ready, prepason me by God. Howdo you get ready? You three ways? togeter. First, youmust repetitorsi. Second, we must bi face wit, SIS pace,an wot a, and certainly you must be willing to be.This is revival time and we invite you evall to join with usin the singing of well loved Gospel, himpers andCourss v Been Abeto, go together, Gan, weappreciated Wer gratful fores far an everyone. Hats Been Gout at his point,they're going to GAV atitude wellwe're, not really concerned about thes plan asa plan of God in creation. His purpose in history, the promised consummationof all rhings e walking up to theom LAS, notnecessarily physical appetise, bet just their own interest, O pursuit on waysthey have. They know what they want to do and they're going to use their time.The way they want to and they're going to do what they want to do. They'rewalking, oftfer their own wos. I don't Hav O revival about I in my O, if Iver Ogo N, I efor IENT, othe island, talk revival, radio, highlightingdisprently for revival and those who are doing something about o welcome to episode five of the talk,evival radio podcast thanks for joining us today, just to start off with, as we have alot of new listeners out there, we'd like to tell you exactly why wedid start this podcast and basically, we were weve thought about doingsomething: Othis for quite a while now yeah, but the lockdown gave us that opportunityto really start something we didn't know where it would go or how far itwill go or anything. We just thought it was something we should do and the mainreason behind it all is just with Jonthan going out preaching at variouschurches around the Midlands being connected to different Christiansin the US and in the UK. We realized that there's a real, desperate need forrevival, a desperate need that Christians havethey hunger for Truth and knowledge, and they just don't really know whereto get it and there's a a real lack of teaching. Today about the the kind of core issues thatwere faced with in our Dayta Day lies as Christians, and so what we've wantedto do was e wanted to encourage people not an equip and educate the church,and so the idea is we have these differentguests like today we will have Marian Sheckelman, who is a naturalist, awidlife artist and a photographer, and is involved with various creationministries and how she's using her gifts and her talents for the Lord,because I think a lot of times people are like okay. I know that the you, the GreatCommission, I know I've heard of that. I know I'm supposed to share my faithand I want to share my faith, but I'm not a preacher. You know I don't have aplatform to speak from, but I think the thing is we all have gifts God's giveneach and every one of us some kind of gift and were to use that to reach outto the loss, the hurting, and so our idea here is to show you thatthere are actually- and I think, also the other ideas. A lot of people feelisolated. They feel like I'm, the only Christian and they're afraid they'reafraid to stand up and speak the truth because they feellike well, then you know they almost feel like a a Lam amongst a pack ofwolves. If I standup I'm dead me well, we want to show you that you're notalone, that there are a lot of people out there using whatever talents theyhave to do big things with God and reach the lost reect the hertingreach the world.

So I guess that that that's pretty much,I I think the thing is is also that I think that a lot in a lot of churches, a lot ofpreachers, were preaching the truth line. This might be good. This might been agood idea and it's all sort of very sort of vegue and wish washiny Yeou.Take it all eving, for I think the thing is that the word needs to go outwith the power. Yes at es to go out with an anointing. It needs to be hardfelt, and I think that's one F T E reasons why many churches iof clothes because there's no lifethere, there's no life in the sem there's, no life in the singing, and itdoesn't matter whether you you know some people say well. We need to besinging more tan stuff. Some people take meinresting our woll stuff. Somepeople say we should jut singin some othem suff an some all stuff, butwhether it's more than weather is it's old. We need to be wishiping gold insprit and in truth, and the word needs to go around with power and it needs togo out with authority, and this is the thing it is going to. You know hisgoing to change. The world is going to change the country. If we do that, and one thing I'd live to do is incorsepeople to start reading Christian books, Again Yeah Christianity. When wefollows of Christ, it really ought to be ha first love. If something else isour first love, then we're making an Idlan of it and that's not to say thatwe know we can't do things that are related to Christianty Por Goten usedto come. Firstaly CICKLY encourage Christians to get back into readingChristian books, thes sore, F, fantastic Christian books out there, ofcourse, not endorsin all Christian books. BEASTHERE are a lot of books outthere label Christian and ont to talk about, for example, God smugglerfantastic book, and I was reading Bot the Davids version of God. SMOGLHI iscalled God smoger to China, just like to read a a portion out of it andbother David. Of course, he went into comminist China and he says in in hisbook Anachapto this entitle sweeter than honey. He said there was a man called that they justtermed the old man. I don't think they gave names outor the time because, wellprobably same today, because of persecution. It said he had come from avery poor family and which of his early life, had been a daily struggle. Thispreacher, whose life had been one of great fruitfulness for his Lord HavBeeng, forced as a chand to leave school because he had never been ableto mess the reading in Fracthis family was the poorest in the whole village Joseph explained. This is the guy who'srelating it to brother David because of his poverty. When the companists cameto power, they made him Chaim of their area to prove appoint. They gave her abig house to live in and double Russies of Rice woul. He love the Lord so muchthat he just used his home for worshiped meetings and distributed allhis rice amongst the hunry believers until he ran out himself. Eventually,the government became aware of his activities and ordered him to choosebetween his new found position and his faith. Knowing that he was going backto life on poverty, he nonethe less told them. I Will Not disobey my Lord.He once again became the poorest man in the area without house or accommodation.Its happened during the early days, Wenh Mount or power, and the Christianswho knew we were too poor to help him or were themselves in prison. One person did manage to provide himwith a small room to use. We had no way at all of obting the Food Bot some daysyou live there with water, as is only sustenance. Litallhy grow weak withhunger one morning when he awoke he noticed abig hole in the wall and did his best to repair it. He brought a number ofstones to block it in within a few hours. There was another large hole hat.He decided that for some reason this was from the Lord later he saw a largerat come through the Hale, the rodent made several visitos and brought himsweet. Potatoes notes had vegetables, and this is brother, David Isays. Iinterrupted him for the old man to eat. I asked yes, he repeated the ratbrought in food, otherwise he would have starfed to death. Every morningthe ratcake coming to him bringing him enough food for that day. Sometimeswhen he was expecting someone else to visit him for the day, the creaturewould bring him a double portion of food. How long did this go on Bel the dayreast a few days, I was still incredulous several months I shoot my head and Julie turned to me,but honey. We have accepted all that for Elijah when he was fed by theRavens of the Brook Whycon to happen in twentieth century China. I guessed itcould, but it was still quite incredible. Julie squeezed my hand, howbig is your God she smiled and that...

...that was that, as so absolutey lootyamazing here we've got his guy and he's poor and all of a sudden, theres awhole in his house. He's probably thinking Lord, not more, not more, notmore hardshit ane the whole comesand, an a rat brings you food, and Ithinking you know throughout this cobe thing. You know we'll probably all beenstressing about financers and work and things like that, but our God Heis,absolutely otally hatable and with that what we got lined up for the rest ofthe show. Well, we have a question for you: Yep We have the Ethan and JamesComedy, show direct from the theater of the Morn and that's etsactially, a petty specialone. I think you audience out there you'll enjoy that one yeah, and then wehave the interview with Mary, Ann Sheckmin, Yep and well just like tothank everybody for for listening. We said last episode were amazed howmany people were listening and we looked at the website: STAS and he'veGote up a thousand and twenty eight percent yeah a thousand and twentyeight four weeks. So how big is your G te praise? God we're told it was eons of time thatshake the Earth's most dramatic rock features. It was slow and gradualprocesses working for millions of years moving one grain of sand at a time. Yetbefore this theory was popularized, a completely different explanation haddominated scientific thought, one of violent and catastropic processes. It is the explanation described withinthe Bible's account of Earth history, in which catastrophic flood waters werethe primary tool and shaping the earth's surface very rapidly. Has Science made it impossible for usto believe the Bible? No there's good reason to doubt themillions of years theory that dominates Gology, because there's a flood ofevidence that supports the Bible. Taim, that catastrophic club waters haveshaped or surface come on, tothey were going to explore someevidence from a proven, catastrophic blood that ripped our own backyard. Atthe end of the Ice Age, it's called the Lake Missoula fly five hundred andforty cubic miles of water raced across much of Washington state. A significantthing about the lake asula flood are the erosional and depositionallandforms that it produced and, though, are very similar to other features thatwe see that were formed by even bigger, more catastrophic floods. In the past, the creation explorers will journeyinto this floods path into the Columbia River Gorge. They will explore thefeatures carved by the MISSOUA flood and see how these same features can beseen across. The Earth is a final recognition thatcatastrophes do happen and do affect the earth. As we know, it has totallychanged and actually overthrown the uniformatarian thinking that dream used to flow more graduallydown to the Columbia River. When the MASULA flood came, that's the way, theRock we ned, only this deef clist for the streams fall from sure cliss on the Canyon are sign of ayoung canyon, because with time pretty ful faces are rol lot faster toOrzonald, so hhave, a lot of block call tha so of time had become more B shapedovermonos of years. Sheer cliffs are everywhere across the Earth Wel. Whereis all the Rock Debree, not where slow rosion would have put it? An interesting thought here is: If theearth is millions of years old and we have talosopes happening in justthousands of years, we shouldn't see any cliffs, because we see cliffs. Itspeaks of the earth not being that all this evidence for catastrophic blooderosion shows us just how possible the bibles global flood catastrophe can be. Okay. Well in this daynage, we live inwith there's so many ideas of my truth and your truth and what is truth and isther truth and everyone just seems to be going their own way and doing what'sright in their own eyes Yeph. So one thing I think Christians shrinkaway from and maybe don't know how to respond to- is that the very commonaccusation that Christians are...

...digimental, Nerrar minded and biased?How would you advise a Christian to respond? What would be the bestresponse to that kind of an accusation? Well, one of the reasons why thechiches in the messes we keep quiet on ky issues because we're afraid of beinglabeled, judgemental, hateful etc, and it's interesting his politicallycorrect climate that we live in is that words have been really fined or havenot been redefined, for Christians is quite acceptable to have a go atChristians and call them what people cause negative words or negativestereotyping words or whatever theas are all okay and Christians are not allowed toreturn fir even in the most nice and loving way. So let's take this one by one. First, Oall judge mental. Well, this is what is known as a self refuting statement.Obecause to say to someone do not judge me is in fact Ha judgment yeah. So thereply, then, is do not judge my judgment and if we look at versus likeJohn Seven twenty four, we see that Christ wasn't condemning all types ofjudgment, but certain types of judgment such as deciding to glancesuperficially that by appearances, unfair and righteous, judginghypocritical Judgingso that in Matthew, seven fiveand John Chapter, eight the need for us to sort ourselves out.First, you know when we warn someone lovingly about a Sein Sane we're notjudging them wrongly, but we're actually telling him what God hasjudged in his word, and this isn't hateful or hate speech. This is, infact, being loving. You know we often use the analogy. You know if you seethe bridges out and you said carheading towards the end of the bridging and yousor of stop the car, that's not being hateful, that's being loving and it's very similar with Christianso.When we want people lovingly bout, a certain Shin, we do with it, because weare concerned- and these people probably do know inthe consciencees, but the very good of shutting up consciouces, and one of thereasons why we get this sort of kickback is that you revive theconscience often which we wish ar a war and also narrow mind that this isanother one. That makes me laugh. This again is another self refutingstatement, for example, and atheus tells a Christian e is no remindedbecause he won't accept sex out of marriage, for example. What he fails torealize is that there is no neutral position. Atheism is also a religionand he as also being ner reminded because he won't consider T or exceptthat sex is wrong out of marriage, so both or biased, narrow minded views and,as John mckyne rightly pointed out, it's not a case or not question ofWHO's, biased or not, but the question is which is the best biased to bebiased about, and I can ask that question we can Oue been biased aboutman's limited view or it could be biased about God's full view, and Iknow which is the best choice Han e to there's either there's to when you boilit down. There are two words: is man work this man's word and there's a Godword and I'll? If I was a bestor Mothon, not I probably more young God anytime. We now take you to the theater of themind where heathen has been doing somebuilding the parable of the wise and foolish builders. I Know Oo, music, the other one and o sit down, but your feetup relaxand listen to another additionof parables on Poran denight perbole comesfrom inside a car. I have no idea where we're going because I'm wearing aBlindfolom, why am I wearing a blind fald? I be surprised, don't you lonparticularly well. I do te with me just a little longer Roma thin. I don't knowwhy election do these things. Audiencs can never see your demonstrationsanyway yeah, but you' Goinna love this one. I don't think just for you. No.What I suppose now will lot be a good...

...time or need to expect you o make sense.I can hardly wait. Do you want to know what tonights Parbol is want me to giveyou a clue all right? What else a I go to do I built something big. No, can imagine wait a minute if youbuilt something it has to be the parable, the lies and foolish builders.You guessed if any Godand, I don't even have to guess which builder you are wasThataa. Don't tell me you Wentin Mile House man, you spoil the surprise. Youknow you don't have to go to all these lingths audience can't see. Well, herewe are, you can take off your blindhold now you did o spend all that time and moneyto build a house and you built it on Sand d. You know, what's going tohappen wrong, go the wrong go Sket, Col line this parble is not just aboutbuilding houses. It's about foundations! I Ted that in the footnotes. Yes, oneat this House has a special foundation eiter of piling into the sand and poyconcrete footings over the pilings. This foundation is not going to budgeen a rainstorm. I don't know how to tell you this, but this parable is notabout physical foundations. It's about spiritual foundations. I did it again.Didn't I it's GOINGTO rain. We better go intothe house. No thanks! Riis gonna, be just like a herriblearen't yous. You think that, just because my house is built on sand it'llwash away in the rain, just like it says in the parable ow does that goagain. You Man, Matthew, seven averse twenty, a four. Therefore, everyone whohears these words of line and puts them into practice like a wise man, Whi'llbuild his house on the Rock, the brain came down, the streams rose and thewinds blew and beat against the house. Yet it did not fall because it had itsfoundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and doesnot put them into practice is like AU foolish, mandill built his house onsand, the rain came down, the strings rose and the winds blew and deatagainst that house, and it fell he great crash yeah. That's it well.You'll have to worry about that baby. She won't budge, come on in the house o than why not Itold you, it's not the sand, a Boisne. Well, what is it then? It's the sign Ifound face down here in the sand. What's it say it says, Thunder River, so you built your house in the middleof a dry river bed, man, no on o the Landis so sheep. Do you still want to take cheufeur inyour new house? Let's get out of here Dungin next time for another raditionof parables on parade, I was wondering Wy heing no trees in my yard, Agis. What like look at the ReviewMirror man? Why don't you come over to my house? FyFoundation is built on a wron lay whern. This is your announcer in Sayg,goodbyethis has been a Ganes Cross...

...studios production. Our interview. This episode is withMarianna Shechelman, who appeared in the Christian explorers DVD in aroundtwo thousand and fourteen. She was also tecohost, along with her Covin inthecreation today show and is currently involved with Christian encounter and adesigned science, association, attamented and gifted wilelife artistand photographer shever spoke to on the phone in Oregon. So I became aChristian as a young child, my family Chistian. I come from a a line of apreacher M, and so of course you know everyone has their own opportunity tohave express. We will, but I from a very young age I wal his you know incalling for God, I see that he was yeah, so some wise experiences. I justsay yes word. Yes, whatever you want, you know anhin thoughts really hard.You know some of those choices. It's just like yeah. I die. I want you tolive through me. Oh that's something yeah ot like oin story, but you know, eveneven though of us that don't have anything. That's really you know pension grabber. Still it'sstill something. You know that the the Holy Tirt can meed you Yeah Tho. Allthese choices. You have the you have the FRE wote in yeah. Yes, yes, yeah Wa, that's what I dd Yeah E, that's wonderful, yeah, okay, be onhis patk and do his will, whatever it is, MNO matter how hard? Oh, that's!Wonderful, wonderful! So in two thousand and fourteen yourfamily brought out a movie on DVD called Creaton explorers tracking theflood. What inspired the Silm Okaysohat was two thousand and four,and there were several factors that inspired it. When my dad has always hadthe dream of having a boat that is aener and Ha trile that he had dron life. Whenyou were kid, the government is, I can't reember the percentage of theseficientlet he got in there and he sent a letter toall ficiant boats. We have anonpatit ministry and so e said he wt. Any ofyou want to dedicate this. Give this Bot to US forno profit, this Soyeah Wdnfouran. It wasn't until twothousand and six that we actually got it over to gin, Wasington, Ewere,actually, startingto exploration at the Com river, but yeah, my sister Wa still maker. Thatwas another part of it. She's always een to make a film. So that's neat,yeah, yeah, yeah, wamayidesign, science, ECASE suiionthecreation organization, that nmonth and Havcruon speakertaon creation,evolution topics and M Weoge'V, tthe od and hit has influence theQuanityo River Gorg, yeah and thearea where we live in and so all of thosepoint together. AOUT thisain a dventrangoing through te, the point of like what d you Kan of Ta Tatastrophic Flood Pco, the GlobalUd, because this Ilod was just o Sal, erosive, deviceait, more and then emptythan th, the Lilaa valley and so we're seeing the fist of it. You knowthese ree places that you can explore thes teaching point in that yeah rtosay.So for global flood. We see massive...

...erosional lemments throughout the worldand there's no way that you know. Wind and Rai could have e loaded, thoselandform yeah yeah yeah agood model for showing how amassivebody water couldwout within a week a couple days oweek anyway, it was very inqiring, yeah, delfoo soehoglet's do that andencourage young people to go out and explore their own backyard. Yeah Yeah aoand then defend a biblical account atthe Lival Flod yeah, and just on that note that that film actually inspiredus at the time we were living, we wereliving in Darbyshire and we took the boys for a hike there and my youngestlooked, and there were like these kind of. I don't know what you call themalmost like: ditch kind of things down the sides. The mountains that look likewater had run down them and he's like look look at must bhe evidence for thefood. You can see it and and then I think the biggest thing thatstuck in hour head was wherein the DVD. You talk about Talis at the bottom ofthe hills and we saw that a lot of the cliffs that we walked past and so yeahit inspiredings yeah yeah. Well, I don' like an Egans, mustaf that was clapiated, so you have a lot of etidence for glacier yeah thereand but yeah there were wants a lot more water, Amoun, yeah, Yeah Yeah,it's fun, looking at the evidence and then Ike the heaging valley, waterfall, you, you don't see very much talous intat Uniformcaryan, one agh scientistwant to say Yeah Uno towes. If you HAV, like hundreds of thousands of years,even I think even putting like the Ice Age to twelve telve thousand andfifteensand years ago. That would require a lot more yeah towes toavformed within that amount of time. So just observing the amount of helse asformed in an observable aote, timepretty, quick yeah. So do you think you theyre Woinna?There would ever be a sequel to the CRASTN. Expores were another moviesimilar. We would love you. Everybody in themovie has grown up yeah and the very hetis or so it's a harder thing to do.Oh Yeah Yeahra with the nieces and nephews now yeah that would be niceyeah, specially my my sister so biggor. She e Wuld like to do something, and Iwould like to do something one thought is to have a a move about the cortsites that we find over here. The source material is in on the borderof Martana, Idaho and the Super Belt Group, and we find these rounded close,like Hobble, four hundred Mile Thi Super Belt Group and then eighthundred miles east of it. So you have to ask the question: Like you know, howdoes this happen over? You know. If goverthing happened on a uniform,Aterian timeline, how did these guys travel because they were broken up andthen they were transported tubbled, because they're rolled theyre is very,very hard rock one of the hardest on the most scale and thee not the hardest,but one of the hardest. So it's been transported and tumbled. It's not goingto disintegrate into stand yeah, so we find little cobbles will fight bouldersand over here. So we believe that that is aa very strong evidence to for the Global Flood Nat, the transport of rock material. Sothat is that something that we would potentially like to do a ittldifferentway, but with kids to inspire kids yeah O be enseking out creation sciences, hedecid we can go to. We can go to Yournti. We can go to themthere's a lotthat we can't observe it's just to have to be careful. Yes, when you get those those little wors like millions ofyears yeah, none of us were there. None of I mean even we weren't there, no ase Gobot that fient, what isn't...

...obvervable yeah is a philosophy and ts, there's certain limitations to dating methods. To that we have toremember as well so m. that's definity, something we want totalk about in that second movie. That would be really good. ITWOULD be good.If you guys can do it, I know we'd be interested in it and I'm sure f manyother people would as well yeah yeah. Well, maybe we'll have tooh, they would bove that my oldest, myoldest, is into moviemaking. He likes to make little funny movies on Youtubeand stuff, so yeah yeah, so obviously talking to you cratinscience is a passion in Heris. What sparked your interest in it? Well, I've grown up in the creation IEWORLD.My father was interested well, actually my grandmother was, and then sheinpoced, my father and my father, wos sad had istotful creation, research,material and our house, as I was growing up. My Dad has been on many TRIPSLIS IPR to the Grandcanon and then my dad would get material and thenteach SOM, tese school classes for creation Sciente, and so we heard a lotabout that. We because he was a part of ICR or unavailing list. He got mail tofor the design, plient association, which is the Portland Oregon BaseCreation Organization that I mentioned earlier and we been receiving themmonhly. Yes, letters and gotta go there sometime, I gotta ot HaFu. We saw an advertisement for the JohnDay, ofl ded family trip, and so we went on that as Oh, my goodness tatjust suchus changed my life yeah being able to go out into nature, like withan educated person and having Tho, tell you about the rocklayers and what'syour seeing and yeah sharing all they do it's just like wowy. There is a lot of evidence for the global sleaters. A lot of evidence asChrist is a personal designer designer, and so I particularly I justloved it. So we would as a famiwy, go to the meetings every month and then Iwould just sign up for every feal trip that they offered, and so I justsponged off of all of the guys and in as my own research and eventually Ibecame a guy to two thousand and twelve Wowatin couter, which is the tourGuidat. The field trip arm of design pine and then so. Then I haveopportunity to to research and to illustration and thecography and all of theseopportunities open for me to find my place share with other people go out thereand it's it's so encouraging when you have young people in particular,because when you're outof beating kids can lose heir attention with a speaker,I it's more towardan adult, but when you go out in the field, kids are likepucking, these fortsight rock yeah digging for fossols they're in it and the Famili are in it. I think that that's that it's just likethe gateway to so much more potential and learning a curiosity regardingcreation, so yeah it's really hard not to get piredby creation. Yeah eseially when Youg he fild yeah,there's something magical about that. Now, that's awesome! So the vessel creation explorer, whichcourse was in Crason, explorers tracking the fled. What Worle does itcarry out now right? Well, now we filed it, towe hadtowarit, and that was pretty pente. I mean a considering at that time. Wewere in our recession over here, yeah yeah affected. All of thus yeah. We, u sort of bless MEU, to have it forthe time that we did have it and it ca, wil feel Tho. We've ever had to feel it and it was starting to get empty. It'sit's just a lot of work to maintain it took: U Let'Syeah. It took us about twoyears just to get it running, but then every year we would have to be maten anbougt it te Wat was an Issu. Paty was an issue keeping it up so as much asyou didn't want to. Let it go and say...

...goodbye we needed to becausefinancially we just couldn't maintain that, so we just figured that we had itfor the time that we needed it. I just dont encouragement, young people, iththe family and then who know you know. Maybe theLord has something else wit storecu still have plays, and we've got the PYPEOF cub still andmy dad put tat on float and still and there's potential for that. Yes, that kind of leads me into my nextquestion that I understand your family has anaviation business called big Big Sky Steerman and the Piper Cub. Obviously, you're saying your dad fliesit, but how did you get a hold of the Piper cub yeah, so my grandfather saw it as partand somebody hanger and he's like hey? What do you want for that and and likethis is a this? Is the story that I heard, because I didn't hurt Strit formy grandfather, God? Well, what do you have of value?Is My dad. My grandfather he's a Copenter, and so she says I can make aboat for you, and so he tolded the parts of the typeof cub for the boat e PA, the boat for the Po, the PAN built the plane in mad wing for it, andI think that was the stars to the airplane business. To was that Ronhad,the skill, hes propete skills, and I guess there was somebody who had akyramid biplane that they wanted their wing restored or my my family had aproject and they did that and that just was like a business became a businessimyediately for them. So yeah, that's how it got in the family. That'sstill in the family and Y. my brother flies that she hes a pilot. Oh Wow, mymy nephew have one es tre and Helove opotental for another pirate. A hisbrother O will be a pilot as well but yeah who knows yeah yeah, so my sister backhe's, afilmmaker s, she's been working on getting a pilot's Lif Hes is blow o.that's Nice, I'm not a Clier, I'm not atechi person. Just you know, sitnsilence to it. Yeah nohow did you get to be cohost alongEric Covin on the creation today show and what's your favorite episode Erican he had a mutual friend and on we were creating a creation network.It Wasi turned into the creation that was stockbord and InternationalAssociation for Creation. So we were. We were lots of Eings together and hewatched our film and so then he interviewed me and my friend JohnHurgan, rather who the GHO president of crution encounter and we talked aboutAU field trip, and so I think he just saw that I could be yon camera. I knewwhat Iwam talking about, and so he said that you know they're justtrying to reach out to broter audience. Ikehav, a FEAL Co. I was the one that came up Ba, I was like whatyeah. I think I really grew out of that soand andfilt up so much more confident. I mean in the war to just like okay, Ibak not feel like I'm ready for this buword. I know you bought thisopportunity before me and you ere there with me, and you will help me and HEUdid, and I can say that I feel like pretty proudof what we did and created some content be encouraging for young people andlots of topics were very concerned about t this next generation. Yeah Oknow statistics are pretty bad for thefall out rate of Christian Young People Er. We thought we wat'let's focus onapologetic. Let's Si Om Answer. This is SAA pringboard, yeah e EA topic, O any more topic. Yeah. We just wanted to ringboardcrosity some, a few arcinen try to encourage people to Utso manyresources. These days there is yeah tat. We don't have an excuse to beignorant. We don'tall have to be like...

...major apologists, but I think youshould have a craft on reality and be able to be used by the spirit wit puyeah that'sthat's, how the power I started.So I really enjoyed Yore. Ask My favoriteepisode. I all of them, I think, can art convict her with one that wasespecially dear to my heart, used fogodory and then also instrument with e Hose Dio People Hort.No, but you ad mention that your husband mightsome yes, yes, O of Aot of my siter and I shot them at home.She edit them edited them, have all of them, ready for that. Eachepisode so he's very talented. As you know, she make a movie and then shewead, all the creation testifies and she helped with n Studio on State Pensana Forda. So so that's Nice, yeah, petyod team and I'mvery grateful forthat O. THAT'S MUTLY! Really lovely yeah. Can you tell me a bit more aboutcreation, encounters John Hergenrather, the design, Science Association andDour involvement in it with photography and illustrating the guidebooks okay, yeah Wanto cruton counter its afiel trip, Abranch of the Design Science Association, s start out withrevine science. First, okay, IATON! Is it thirty years old, stick yere? The group has beening fatefully everymonth of the year, maybe except for one month in summer, when there's hard,everybody's Omin, ratations, Lik, Cai, thers everybody's trying to get thatrastbias yeah, don't have that Mane but yeah. So it started out as the Gatherin ofcreation scientist teachers, educators, people were just interested in fcienceand someof Biblical perspective and Yano that Institute Topr Niano thatinstitute orpretion research had a great footcoll an starting.Getting that going. Okay, yeah started ating andsome of one of ourpresident. He's he's been on several idea: GRANHEDY Tik, as a guy als themWat, O study about the recovery, the Biological Recovera Tat, Thin Hoon aswell. Soi think that kind of started the tie. But every month we have acreation, wecer come in a scientist or speaker or an eitator come in and havea cres evolution topic, an try to Vari them the top of seven months. So we'renot sisterin about TEALG or an not just hearing about bioloty bdso that the design Sience Association andthen we we John Corkin, rather than a Bockovoy, were leading field trips juts under the umbrelladesign, pent fo many years. Okay, IKTS clearnonprofit business. Here I don'tknow if you call it on profit business or what but it ministry, and so they created creationcounter, and so we have. We offer trip in theColumbia River Gorge in Oragin, cential, Orgon and death. Sally is YellowStoecon of the de Grea Canion, Brice Canyons and Ol there, some other places in thesouth. Lest that they've gone to Washington, Madula flood. So every year we offer a wholertoftricks. So on creation endcountercom, I he click e tors week Awas a tripwe offer this year, we've had to cancel quatiytrips because of this virus, yeah ee, hoping maybe later this summer, we canget them going again. We have a trip come out here: Central Oregon, that's like central place for bird migration forthe Pacific, lyway and Coetname, either during the point of during theMigration Bhat. We can talk about it. There's just a lot of realy interestinggeology down there. It's probably the...

...hottest area in Oregon. You have adesert on one side and then you have like Wutit all high desert, but youhave hot frins and stuff like that. So weld be talking about the IK andevidences, a l, organti that'snt, yeah yeah have CGROUPOLDER older couple. Anybody wewould love to have an audience it a little bit more skeptical. Maybe towould love to feel just let them say their questions that they have ananswer them, but I think our general audience right now is just lelyChristian families that want to get their kids out field have a family timetogether. Yeah Christ creation, Christ, ceator andalso about the global flood, and I tage M, which follows the flood and yeah. So it's therre great resources were so grateful to be part of it. Let's see your next question wasptoography ind that illustrating guidebooks yeah. When I got involved in this, I was takingphotograph of the trips making photobooks trip an a docment manspeaking point yeah, so that we could make a book like a visual guide thatpeople could learn about it, having not been there Tur and learn. So that's what I started doing and I Ifeel, like that's kind of my Wlat, I really enjoy doing that, but I do likegiving some presentations as well the animals Oloveanvalshat kind of fledinto the illiuting to because I'm an artist as well, it's just kind of beena gift that I've had and Huh. I thought. Well, you know, hat think or reallynice in our guidebook to have pictures of the animals that we see yeah. I could do some research, I'm kind ofan art, naturalist, Combo, ilike, technical scientific trainiit's, mainlyO selfeducation on that end, but yeah combiding both of that together to makean educational tiket, but that also you know I can use my my art skills, wart,thotography or Gong help. People appreciate MHE Godscreated. That's that's! That's! Tis't my rolewit creation encounter and then a bit of leadership to, but I'd have to saythat I'm more of a helper type, and I need to remember that yeah yeah, so you were saying that the events wascreation, counter been postpan to the covid nineteen. Are there any set setin the pipeline right now, or is it just remained to be seen yeah so our base over here in Oregon? The parkhas said they're not going to consider reopening until the twenty fifth of Maand the governor said July. Six is you knowyou still need to stay home. You know yeah, so we set out email just saying that Yowoll cancel all the trips through July to July six BU. We have a trip on July,eighth, er, still playing there's two trips hipe day trips to mounttintpolens with Keith Wonson okayearlier president a design SCIENC rand. Then our voucher te Faly campwill be in August the first week so and then we've got some more detipsalong there in the gorge, the Comby River Gorge. So that's what we'replanning since of last night. It sounds like the government made a few morechanges that might make it possible to have datres. So I don't know if we'regoing to have to sit up TA yeah. It would be yes, e can't wait to getthat out there here. So you mentioned your sister has beeninvolved with the Cretson ministry or any other members of your familyinvolved in crason ministry. Yeah Wyeah, he FA OAN my brother. Shewas he and I orfon e workless creation counterfor, while he of course has a family now of for kidsand six Ounder, and he has to dedicate his time trying tomake a liveohood for that. Yeah Yeah...

...hasn't been able to do that, but he wasa part of the trip. He has a biology degree ICUNIVERSITY and he's now pursuing a nursing degree. So,okay, Tay Efin, no a port course everytingthat'swonderful. We always need our moms. Don't we? Yes, yes, yeah my husband's assienceistoes ar refearch Plientis. He does mashon physics, okay, doctorateand studies, Parhert, sohe's, Alsupportiv of the creation sciencemovement. He so a that's! Wonderful, really!Wonderful! Yeah E yeah, H Great! So, regarding your art, what was the firstthing? You remember drawing? Okay, I remember lingmy Gadmother w estories about the country, mouse and city mouse or the Goodo sin e BackagAshe, always dew these illustrations with them. These cute dresses and theseorny Tos nomatism in ther. What but eer e shes eAti like trying to deplocate what she did or come up with my own designs, butI was also an moble horses. I woul basically, and I love the BlackStallian. I sentn my my dads lapping popcorn an the evening just reading ofmy own Arabian Black Arabian horse. I inet that one yeah, so it was courses to a you horses, alot when I was little yeah. That was one of the first things I dow to I'vealways been crazy about horses, so I can understand totally understand yeah, so yeah. It is so what type of CANP? What type ofcamera and Lens do you use for Itography? Okay, I use several types of cameras. Yes, L are I've had Olympis I've had Fugi, but nowI have a canon, Yo rubbl t six M. I used in eighteenigh fifty five MillenEter, one average one to get I love Makro or Telephoto, but for the fieltrips, it's better. You know to have kind of an average type of one forgetting a landscape, but then also getting some. You know portrait Yeahrm, Yeah Yeah and I do love the Canon. I'vealways loved how the image is so can be so crisp, and maybe it's just because I maybe I hadsome learning limitations or something with other cameras, but seems likethere's something about the camera that a cannon lendes that have a good quality. So what what inspires you to create your art is any one thing or is it abunch of different things or Yeah Wel? I think first of all, Li inthe natural gift that I have, and so it's it would be a shame not to use itfirst and was an also I fe. I love the challenge of trying tocapture like an an animal like I've beenfocusing on pet portraits recently and y photography. I mean taking wildlifephotography, pictures that I've taken or purchase the right to somebenefitography and draw it. I like the challenge of trying to capture thepersonality and that's expressed in Tmy Eye Aso, just like the hair, I'm not hyporealistic. I do not havethe patience for Hyperealismama reaist Jni, just like to try to capture thatthe personality of the animal and the creatures or just tit yeah, just theirdigity to so. I think that's once e Tat, ifiersor I do paint as well, not so much as I do Graphi drawing, because I justreally, I feel comfortable, very comfortable with that. But I yeah I doa cre like oil, water color, but there are things you know in naturethat are just the color yeah yeah, like just the cuminatons o the Shae wit asacial relationships, it's Likeoh, my...

...goodness. I have to capture that so geta picture of it yeah ype of at, but if I have a photographto capture something M, because I have to have that level of detailedprecision still in it, yeah there's just some just e jucyvisual pieces in nature that are just irresistible and like Oh i's, got Tadrawt Ot htyou do a wonderful job. Your attention to detail is amazing.It's really really beautiful. Yeah and again the personality. The personalityof the animals come through like a recently 've done, a drawing of two baby goats and I had Goa. I had goats when I waslittle and and so seeing them it's just like yeah, that's exactly how they act.That's exacty little sideways kicks and you know you really capture the essenceof Hem yeah. I thinpk you a feel O ve, okay, O Idhat IIE you. If I to pictures, Iwant watspires e Ar pictures that do capture the spirit of that animal. Like I have a picture of a Golden Eaglethat I had drawn from my husband's office- and I think I have it on mywebsite now, but if there is just a Egal, pose of ONEA UIS CAS the GoldenEagl Yeah Yeah look at it, I says stateliness anddignity, and I know you know theyre the creditor your Presiti Tunger to it. I think that's whatthank, you tha, you t is so e's a tough question for you. Whatdo you think the best piece of your artwork is that you' created so far,and why Yeah I huh Itha so many years that I have notdrawn and just because I was doing something different, like wormen, thefamiy busnes jonantic airplane woodworkonly been within the lastcouple years that I've really just dedicated trimp to creating my businessonteing art, and so I can't say that I have like a superlike favorite, favorite solutely. I really like my picture of y Cat Cooper. I feel I feel good about it. Yeah communicated hi this personality andcare and everything. But then I I really ever see a lot ofgratifications who, just in Ternawa, making pet portraits for other peopleand theyr. Just seeing respons t like I yeah tat, my job Yeah Yeah. That just makes me feel so good and Ithink that's that's. Those are. Those are pieces that I could feel proudabout. Too, is just that I'v successfully brought to life from dead piece ofpaper. Yeah people have such close relationship to so I', being an animal person myselfand having pets. You know, I understand that yeah our pets become our family yeah. Theydo definitely yeah. Definitely so how do you? How do you promote tomarket your art and what shows are you going to be at yeah? So, like I said, I just startedfeeling so I they don't Yo business, they don't yohow to puvide, and so I think we have one CLASSI'm, not sooncbad about ouit S,great allyus Oequip, an artist for they keep us in the the starving artist.Stereoyeah yeah yeah, mind I tinntend to be you know. Whatare you not bisnesminded. Ther are exceptions, of course, but so I feltlike I really need to get a graph on business and marketing. I signed up for polio, Bschool, O cofe car course to, and I feel likeshe euvan Gav somony tools that will... you as an artist or a tis is analso pinger. No, how do won hear wesite? How does have a successful website howto your ideal customers and how to communicate on your website or youradvertising material m? There's so much more. I have to learn yeah, so I have a saarty shows. I don't have all thatplay Ot. I have some ideas for the future. I have entered into thecockinthis county Ar Sola Art, exphibition contest and I was approved,and so that's ight pctreite seven picture tportraits in wo life and that that wassupposed to go up this to day but they're having to push it back becauseof the virus yeah. So I think it's. The twenty first is the next date that wemight be able to install them at the county building. But it's as a reallynice opportunity for artist in my county to show off their work. Yeah Oubilplaces were the communityis going to see the artistM that the local artist could be able to support them. No, that's that'sreally good yeah! Now butiwould. I would like toget into some more contest.If I could or Mdo what I cant do see. What people respond to and another passion of mine is, is t eillustration and MMBOOK woill be another way I love poking, so that partof he is like. I want to combine my grand teaching about Naturetha creation,so that's another thin Mi have, but I feel like there's so much Onde werright now, so I'm just going to focus on business.Education continue building my Arat my porfolioand go fome ther okay, so you were saying how you know: you'revery inspired by the beauty and nature and in creation, so how Jos being aChristian, affect your art and how do you think God can use talents Tytesefor his glory, Yeah Yeah, so yeah as a Christan? You know. I believe thatChrist is not only my favior but he's my creator crator, and I know that inno all Christans abscribed to creation. There's the sistic evolutions, this sisGod starts it all lot to go, but I believe he is Ta Personal Creator,God that he had a hand in designig each all of h, the animals Andaday a creation, and soI feel like as an artist when I dy I. I really appreciate I think Ho God has created so muchpersonality. Creativity like there's somebody stories in nature too, likegowing, butterflies and thinking about thato yeah. Yeahall of that I guess the sciencecartomy in the art side of me, combined together, helps me to really appreciatewhat I'm drywing and want to communicate that to other saying God isdo Az. Butiful yeahe lies that, are youknowrit's a lifestycle, tgoing R R te re Produr? They can make the nextgeneration. They look at all these unique survival skills they have or design features that, like, like I'm feaking, O of Mountaingots right now and Yo Pik, o their feet, Er Hoo, and how theyr desired andtowalk on those rocky clit m, the the horns of the great the GreatHor sheet that the brain has like a cushioninside of it yeah the horns are caratee. I so there isthat that'. What's the word dounce back,that is anyway, it's there's. Just the design is a forvibale design for life.

It's also too perfect. Creative comfotable, mindless, random,echanism, yes yeah, so so so I think having Thi side. Part of mealso helps me as an artist to like I mean botto them. The artist part isobgir the detail, appreciatee details, but then seethe science side brings ina whole big context of wow prefo. Think about yeah yeah, that's really Nice! It's really reallygood to hear you so excited about it. It's nowadays. I think you know so manyChristians. You know that that don't know about the creation. You don't maybe haven't really paidattention to genesis. They maybe think. That's just you N W, that's just OldTestament. I'm just going to stick with Jesus is my savior in the New Testament, and so it's really refreshing to hearthat excitement. Yeah Wat mean even the Ne Testontattalked about Christ, Ceatoryeah Chrstis, the crator, yes hat it, okay! Well, if were ChristasoreoiAlmighty, God Yeah Yeah, what why is man, tfdoing, th, miraculous, Incrazi,Ti days of Gracis? Yes, yes, hould have do italondayheothe sevendays, you know tenrest, but you know why. Why not m know it seemsmore consistent with his nature of e, a personal God, be there in the making of all ofeverything and not having you know millions of years for eigt to becomeman or highrack the horro yeah. Everything is perfect. Yes, I mean evenin a fallen world, geerally Mat Surviveyeah it it is very encouraging and that sethat's what I want to communicate like with what we do with creation encounters andeven in my own work and I'm trying to find a way to do that with my own work,but is cray Comon like the best way to for Eter hew that perspective in Shure it withpeople yeah? So what advice would you give for a Christian who wants to usetheir talents? For God, Ita Go for Itdon't istthere's, a Versuas gessn of the gift that was given you. You know we have. We have things tooffer the world we have gifts and stregkes there were we can fill in andI know culture has their standards of. You know what what's more importantwile. What is the more you know sen role, but even as your gifts are not inthat area, don't don't seek some other gests like Tok. I, where you are, youhave something to offer the world and something that you can use to toglorify God with Andfir with M, and I think it's awsome really important likeif yyou're gisted. Remember it's the gift yeah, it's not like. You havesomething to boast about: Yeah, yeah, Ave, to Makean e responsible for that,but you weren't born. I wasn't you know I because of any merit that I can draw. I did nothing. I just receive that. SoI tinet sense that we don't you know we haven't done any things to Ke toreceive these gifts so t, let's give them back to God, lase tey more. How?How do you want to use me and put our time I, the sharpening of skillmm yeah, definitely very good advice, Yeahni! Think as I get older, it's justmore obvious: The beauty of everybody's differences. You know that we make itmakes everything beautiful. We all kin of Ohyeah, so whe can people find you creation,encounters the design science association and get a hold of ecreationexplore his DVD okay yeah...

...ti website Iton the a art Kayorganiwanted to Havecom, but it wasn't available ogamand. I have an account to. I have aleaon the website to if people did' want to order. accustome order of Okay Creaton encounter is creation,encountercom ettingular, not Crutian, conter, Cretian, counter and that'scomdesign. Science Association is SBI, science, nw dot or okay, and then creation for the creationexplores VB bact an be found at creation, explores com, okay, a d:That's girl, Chris Nicxplores and yeah. They can people can order theDVD from create forcom. That's really good! Thank you, so is is Ett the main place where yousell your art and any Prince. Who might do now right now? It is sometimes it'skind of tarting out at Buteson there. I will have that onthe website, but right now IITE, because it's just easier cince. I havean accounter right now. Okay, so but yeah people can mail me to have my email address on my website. Ifthers a pad question- okay, ah well tin, thank you so muchyeah. Thank you too. It's been the really good talking withyou and getting to get a little peek inside your life. Well, thanks toMarianne for a grade interview now, guest for the next episode is StuartBel, who is currently the senior paster of the alive church in Lincoln, andStewart, of course, is well known for the Great Life Festival, the one eventand also the band that advocate. So we look forward to having Stuert Tonteshow thatl, be thatd, be really great and I think we're at that nok that place inthe show where we say. Where can we find you well, you can find us at wwtalk, evival,radio, DOT ord. If you're listening on Foundour FM, you fan, listen, tos onwe're just newly on Stitcher spotify. We are hoping to get on tune in soonyep as well, so we're all vto the place where you can find yeah future evens, yeah, Weller Compay,starting to Port Le Calendar together after the nuclear blast of Covige yeah,so were hopefully failysing will be able to make some firm announcemens. Wedo have the equipent conference planned for September, Still Gwn, God willing.So hopefully that will still go aheadand. I think we're not going to goout with amazing grace from the with on accord event, and that was he was. I was a really great night. John Picxin was there Igaryn, Sone and,of course, without Borders and theselvs, and what was really greatpeople said afterwards that it really felt like it a family, because theycooperation between musicians, a way people e helping people out, and peoplelike borrowing, musician from withour borders. Just on the whim, and amazingly I mean how the guitarsmanwithout board is just just sort of just just went with it and it soundedfantastic. It really did feel like a family, and I remember, as it weresining in amazing grace. That's what I felt like. Well, if I die after this, Ifeel like if a Chuser Wat, O o want to do in like R as really amazing, becauseit wasn't rehearse to know- and there were so many different instruments. Wehad keyboard viand ar drums yeah accordiin yeah. It was funny becauseyou had all these instruments, you don't think of going together and itjust just was amazing an it was goldling on take yeah, and some of these people never metbefore the Wer was just amazing. Ha Gi was in ther, and hopefully we can dosomething similar at some point in the future, so we believe it with amasinggrace. I.

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