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Episode 9 · 10 months ago

Episode 9 - Pat roy of Creation Quest


Episode 9

Talk Revival Radio Our guest is Pat Roy of Creation Quest

Pat is currently the Director of Creation Quest an outreach to reach families with the faith-building message that true science is in harmony with God’s Word. He has held senior positions with The Institute of Creation Research (ICR) and Genesis Apologetics.

Pat and his wife Sandy were also the creator's of the well known Jonathan Park Audio series which has now been heard by millions around the world.

We discuss how the church is rapidly losing its youth due to the Institutional Evolutionary Indoctrination in our Schools, Colleges and Universities and what we can do about it.

Herbalist Corner

Sharon discusses and gives the recipe for a well proven anti flu/Cold tonic

​Comedy- Ethan and James Theatre of the Mind

In this episode of Parables on Parade Ethan gets inspiration from a loaf of Bread!?


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